Here's the info about Facebook Groups

I have a collection of Groups for buying and selling. People regularly ask how they can advertise in my groups. I put this page together to explain how. 

Blocked By Facebook

Are you getting BLOCKED?

Need more facebook groups

Not in ENOUGH groups to advertise your stuff?

Kicked out of Facebook Groups

Getting KICKED out of groups for advertising?

Check this out. Facebook will restrict you for posting in too many groups. Facebook refuses to disclose the allowed amount that will keep you safe from being blocked. They will offer you options to trick you like "Post to more places" which will almost guarantee a Facebook block. The best solution I use for myself is to own the groups. I don't get blocked or restricted when I post into my own groups. So I made hundreds of groups, invited millions of people and now I can freely post as often as I like.

I don't suggest you make 100 groups and invite a million people unless you want another full-time job putting everything together. Plus the cost of boosting posts as become way to expensive for start ups.

Here's what I can do for you. I can set you as a moderator in all of my groups. Interested?