HeroPackage.org is ready to launch. I need a few beta testers to complete some last minute adjustments. Don't miss out. After the beta the price goes to $99.

What is Hero Package?

Well let me try and explain....

When you apply for a job or even initiate a date with someone, they google you. They check out what you are about and if they need to stay away from you. google says a lot about a person. Sometimes too much about a person. It tells people your job skills or your social hangouts and pictures. It shows the world things about you without you even knowing. It's just how the internet works.

That's where I come in. I have a system to blur lines between what is and what isn't and what can be trusted and what can't. Hero Package is based on the idea that we control what the internet says about us and we can use that control before we lose it. Ever wanted to be famous? Ever wanted to be a Hero? Ever wanted to be bragged about in public?

Get on the list for this beta of Hero Package. A service I created that lets you pick a someone or something to associate with and a word, sentence or even article that will come up for your chosen word or phrase. Make your friend, family member or self look like a hero all across the world and across the internet. Brag about them being the best Mom or Dad. Its like a global press release for personal topics.

Still confused? Here are some examples of what this system does. you will see in each link that the phrase you clicked on is in fact all over the internet. Imagine, your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors will trip when they see how popular you are in the internet. I can have over 1,000,000 websites talking about how great a person you are or employee or pretty much anything you want. Its up to your imagination.

Sample from current testing for me on my name Mark Wrhel:

We Love Mark Wrhel , Mark Wrhel is a Hero , Mark Wrhel is a True American, Mark Wrhel is Amazing , Mark Wrhel Saved My Life , I just cant say enough about Mark Wrhel , Mark Wrhel Changed My Life

 Use With Caution!