There should be a law against bad spellers in Congress.

They resent having to see masked people every day

Take that, Magturds

I’m Not Seeing The Downside Here

Obama Didn’t Serve In Vietnam

I see a new career in her future…prison haircuts

“mUh gUnS!!!”

This is a real reddit “conversation” I had with a Trumper

Listen up Liberals, I’m a Bible believing Christian!

Ngl, this whole thing sucks..

Or anyone who is married to any label.

Who is the commie now? 🤣

Grab them by the church.


Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema ponders her future

Dear antivax conservatives….

Free Public College


Slightly related to an earlier post…

MIT Technology Review says in 2019, almost all of Facebook’s top Christian pages were run by foreign Eastern European troll farms

Reading is Fundamental

Where’s the outrage ?

I heard Ben Garrison caught Covid so I drew him a cartoon

When the Bill Comes Due

The worse type of dine and dash

Perspective, perspective, perspective [oc]


“Very sad” – in trump voice

🎃we’re living in scary times 🎃

Tax the Rich

I’d like to hope we can all agree on this

Tim is just gonna keep asking stupid questions until no one answers and he can claim no one knows.

See the Difference?

It’s one thing to have 500 guns, it’s another to spend your Saturday setting them all set up for a family photo-shoot

Rights for all or just me?

Stop being dumb

Just Say No To Paint Chips

What a time to be alive

How I imagine the conversation will go

There Are Two Tunnels, But Only One Light

Approx. 255 deaths from all terrorists from 2016-2020 vs 5000+ cop killings in the same period. We’re so obviously free. (OC)

Conclusive proof

i underestimated people.

Medical oddities

Fox News has a new Chief Medical expert.

Look, women are free to choose, as long as its the right choice. /s

Man Made Climate Change still real

GOP coups are getting old

Thanks General for following the Constitution and not letting a crazy man blow up the world

Found posted on fb. Gawd I love merica