dress belts for men reversible leather


MEN’S LEATHER DRESS REVERSIBLE BLACK/GRAY BELT SIZES: 32″- 54″ & NICKLE PLATED CLAMP BUCKLE NWT Belt Strap:Belt width: 1 1/8″= 28 mm wide. Total of five holes, one inch apart.Men’s Dress Smooth Black/Gray reversible with stitched edges.Add $2.00 to Big and Tall sizes 48″- 54″ Belt Buckle:Features a reversible clamp buckle to switch between the black and gray sides of the beltAlso available with Gold plated clamp buckle (Click Here)Buckle dimension: approx 1-1/2″ X 2-1/2″Nickle Plated clamp belt buckle with double loopsClamp on, interchangeable buckleBuy it now! Get yourself an awesome deal!

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