Meross Smart Plug Mini (2 Pack), Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant, Wi-Fi Enabled


Meross Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini (MSS110 KIT)
It contains 2 Meross Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini that work with the Wi-Fi you already have in your home, which allows you to control all your home appliances with the Meross App. Also, you can schedule to turn appliances on/off automatically. This gives the appearance of someone being home and adds benefit of saving energy when lights are not needed or are left on by accident.

What’s in the box
2*Meross Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini
1*Quick Installation Guide

Quick Installation Guide
1.Use your smart phone to download the Meross app on the Apple Store or Google Play.
2.Plug MSS110 into an outlet nearby the router to ensure the Wi-Fi intensity (2.4GHz only).
3.Open Meross app and simply follow the inbuilt setup wizard for configuration.
4.Relocate MSS110 into any desired outlet. That’s done!

Amazon Alexa Voice Control
1.Open the Meross app and set an easy-to-speak name for your devices.
2.Go to the Alexa app, find the “Skills” section.
3.Search for “Meross”. Once it is found, tap the Meross skill to enable it.
4.Sign in to your Meross account and tap “Authorize” to allow Alexa to access your Meross devices.
5.Tap “Discover Devices”, once complete, all done!

Google Assistant Voice Control
1.Open the Meross app and set an easy-to-speak name for your devices.
2.Go to the Google Assistant App, tap the menu button and then tap “Home control”.
3.Tap the “Add” button in the “Devices” page and then select “Meross”.
4.Enter your Meross account information and then tap “Authorize”.
5.Assign your Meross devices to rooms for easier voice-command experience, all done!

–Working current: Max 15A
–Working voltage: 100-120V(50/60Hz)
–Max power: 1800W(The maximum power changes according to the local voltage)
–Plug standard: US
–Radio protocol: Support 2.4GHz network only.

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