Mini Electronic Digital Scale LCD Display Pocket Portable Stainless Steel Precision Kitchen Jewelry

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This Digital Scale features a large 5000g capacity, fine 0.01g (one tenth of a gram) accuracy, and superb build quality. With stainless steel platform, this precision scale suits for a wide variety of weighing needs (jewelry, gold, coins, herbs, hobbies, reloading, diet, etc).


Capacity: 500g
Accuracy: 0.01g
Unit switch:g/ct/oz/gn/ozt/dwt
Power supply: 2*AAA(battery is not included )
Background light color: blue
Display: LCD
LCD screen size: 42*14mm
Weighing platform size: 10*10cm
Item dimension:12.7*10.6*1.9cm
Operation instruction:

Please put the scale on flat table
Press [ON/OFF] to switch on
You can press”T” to unit conversion when 0.0 or 0.00 show on the LCD
Put the goods on the scales after using conversion


1:Do not operate beside the computer or someplace with high radiation,do not have wind
2:Remember to take off the battery when you do not use it for a long time,do not store in humid environment
3:Need to be cleaned when the scale body have stains,wiping with dry towel is okay
4:Pay attention to the waterproof
5:Due to the international logistics,the scales is without battery,you need to prepared yourself
Thanks a lot for your support and understand.

Package includes:

1X Digital scale
1X Big tray
1X Small tray
1X English manual- Come with 2 transparent trays
– 4 units of measurement: g / oz / ct / gn
– Maximum capacity 500g, and division 0.01g
– Super mini digital LCD display scale with tray, portable and practical for jewelry or kitchen use
– Powered by two 1.5V AAA batteries ( not included ) and will automatically power off by no operation

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