Phonelex 4G LTE Verizon Cell Phone Signal Booster 700Mhz Band13 Mobile Phone Signal Booster Verizon


Operation Frequency: Band 13
Frequency Range: Uplink: 776MHz-787MHz,Downlink: 746MHz-757MHz
Emission Designator: LTE(G7D)
AGC LEVEL: Uplink: -45.00 Downlink: -56.00
Gain: Uplink:60±2dB Downlink:62±2dB
I/O Port: SMA-Female on Both ends
Output Power: Uplink:18.33dBm Downlink:7.95dBm
Max.Antenna Gain: Uplink:8.1dBi Downlink:6.6dBi
EIRP: Uplink:26.43dBm Downlink:14.55dBm
FCC Classification: B2W/Wideband Consumer Booster(CMRS)
Product Dimensions:15.7 x 7.9 x 3.4 inches
Item Weight: 2.2 pounds

FCC authentication certificate
30days money-back guarantee
one year manufacturer’s warranty

1 * veriozn cell phone signal Booster
1 * Mounting Screw Kit
1 * English User Manual
1 * Indoor Ceilling Antenna
1 * Outdoor YAGI Directional Antenna

The booster kit includes an cell phone signal booster, an indoor antenna and an outdoor antenna, the outdoor antenna can pick up good Cell signal from outside of your house, and send the signal through coaxial cable to the booster, the amplified signal is sent to the indoor antenna, the indoor antenna can transmit the signal into your house, so you can enjoy clearer phone call or faster mobile data

Installation Steps:
1. Mount the Outdoor Antenna. Choose a location for the Outdoor Antenna using your cell phone to determine the area of strongest signal
2. Place the Base Unit where you want to create a Cell Zone. For the widest possible signal area, position
3. Connect the Indoor Antenna to the Base Unit and place it where you need signal
1.Make sure your cell phone is Veriozn 700MHz 4G LTE Band 13 network frequency
2.Make sure the Outdoor Yagi Antenna towards the cell phone signal tower,and could receive receive 1-3 bars of stable signal
3.It is better to determine the exact in different location until the highest signal strength is received on your phone

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