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Technology is bringing us into a world of IoT; for those who are not familiar with the term IoT (internet of things), it simply means that every device in the future can be connected and controlled by our smart phone / tablets. That sounds wonderful, it truly does, but products which are currently capable of wireless control are priced significantly higher, but with Ulterior’s Wifi Socket, you can give any old house hold electronics the same ability. Turn Old Electronics into IoT Wireless Devices: The Ulterior Wifi Socket is a bridge between the past and the future. The Wifi Socket acts as a power gate which allows electricity to be passed or blocked. It can be used on old electronics that use flip on switches and rotary switches ( but doesn’t work on electronics that have an electronic panel.) It can be used on standing lamps, fans, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, coffee machines, or any electronics that can maintain an “on” status. Smarten Your Home with Timer and Schedules: One of the best things of our Wifi Socket is its App that helps makes your routines more efficient. An example would be the winter morning coffee; normally, you would [wake up], [go to the kitchen], [make your coffee], then go [wash up] and [dress up], then [drink your coffee] but with the scheduling, your routine becomes [wake up], [wash up] and [dress up] and [drink your coffee]. What is the value of having a smooth and relaxing morning routine to you? The scheduling can also be used to turn on your Christmas Light or floor light at 6:30 PM and turn it off at 11:30PM, there are so many possibilities you can do with this wifi socket. Control a Station by Connecting to an Extension Cord: The wifi socket allows over 2000W of electricity to flow through which means you can connect multiple devices to an extension cord, and control a station. You can turn on [Fan], [Lamp] and [Air Purifier] in your living room or at your computer. Go ahead and explore ways to make your home more connected to you.Works with Voice Control Devices: This Wifi Socket can work with various voice control IoT devices such as Amazon Echo & Google Home (sold separately)
Wireless Control From Anywhere: You can control every device as long as you’re connected to your internet ( either cell phone internet & home wifi )
Control Multiple Device with Extension Cord: Connect the Wifi Socket with an extension cord and control multiple devices as a station
Turn Old Home Electronics Into New Wireless Devices: any item that has a flip on switch / rotary switch can be instantly turned into a wireless device
18 Months Warranty: have the ease of mind purchasing Ulterior Design products.


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