371 Energizer Silver Oxide Watch / Electronic Battery 4 Pcs

371 Energizer Silver Oxide Watch / Electronic Battery 4 Pcs

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Ended: Mar 29, 09:52 PST

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GENUINE RETAIL PACK, FAST FREE SHIPPING FROM USA! This 4-pack of genuine Energizer 371/370 1.55 volt silver oxide batteries come in a blister pack and will be shipping out from USA and not China. Don't wait several weeks to get your product. These come brand new in high quality, fresh from a sealed blister pack. They are guaranteed 100% authentic and come with 30 day money back warranty so buy with confidence! Replaces/Compatibility: 370, 1188SO, SR69, D370/371, SP370, SR920W, V370, 370, 371, 1171SO, SP371, SR920SW, V371, G64, LR920, AG6W, MN44, Bulova 620, Citizen 280-51, Duracell D370/371, Energizer 370, Goldpeak 370, Maxell SR920W, Panasonic SP370, Rayovac 370, Renata 370, Seiko SB-BN, Sony SR920W, Timex Z, Toshiba SR920W, Various SR69, Varta V370 Energizer Silver Oxide Coin Batteries provide an excellent combination of high energy and continuous voltage supply. These batteries provide long shelf life for back up energy purposes together with ideal temperature resistance and superior storage capacity. For High-drain digital electronics including watches, calculators, keyless entry devices, etc. Applications: Remote Controls, Photo Micro Lites, Motherboards, CMOS, Dreamcast VMUs, PocketStations, AbTronics, Watches, Cameras, Calculators, Keyless Car Remotes, Garage Door Controls, Electronic Dictionaries, and other devices. •280-31 •370/371 •371BP •D370/371 •SB-AN •SR69 •SR920W •TR920SW Equivalent to: 1188SO, SR69, SP370, 1171SO, SP371, V371, V370, G64, LR920, AG6, 605, GP71, RW315, 30, SB-AN, D1T, D371, 537,SR69, GS6, SG6, S18, 280-31, 280-51, 620, Z


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