Mini Portable Stereo Speaker for iPod iPhone mobile cell phone music MP3 MP4


PLEASE READ EVERY WORD BEFORE BUYING! THANKS! OVER 400 SOLD! Customers love these! NEAT LITTLE SPEAKER! MUST USE BRAND NEW BATTERIES Dual channel Working time: more than 10 hours (depends on battery) Output: 1W + 1W 3.5mm standard connector 2 speakers: 28mm in diameter Frequency range: 200Hz – 20kHz Net weight: 40g or 1.41oz Size: 80 x 80 x 30 mm (3.35 x 3.35 x 1.18 in) Impedance: 8ohm Powered by 2 AAA 3V batteries (not included) Compatible with: iPhone, iPod, Nano, MP3, MP4, etc.all devices with 3.5mm connector Package includes: 1x Mini Stereo Speaker These speakers are not for cranking the volume up full blast! PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING; If it’s not working or making a crackling noise: MUST USE BRAND NEW BATTERIES! The battery you are using is weak. ( MUST USE NEW BATTERIES ) or there is dust in the jack or something wrong with the jack, or you are using these on the wrong model. Your phone jack plug can have dust which can cause a bad connection. Very common! When you receive the speaker, blow the dust out of your phone jack first, then you will need to plug and unplug the earphone pin 10 times to clean your phone jack plug. This will provide a clean fit for best connection and sound.Occasionally, the jack post may arrive tilted slightly from shipping. Simply straighten it with your fingers easily. If you have any problems, if you don’t know how to use this, or any questions please email us ASAP through Ebay messages.Do NOT leave any bad feedback if you have any issue. Contact us now! Thanks! MUST USE BRAND NEW BATTERIES

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