Supertrain TV Series Pin-up FRAMED # 1 Most Expensive Series

Supertrain TV Series Pin-up FRAMED # 1 Most Expensive Series

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Supertrain TV Series Pin-up FRAMED # 1 Most Expensive Series Supertrain took place on the Supertrain, a nuclear-powered bullet train that was equipped with amenities more appropriate to a cruise ship. It had luxuries such as swimming pools and shopping centers. It was so big it had to run on very broad gauge single track (not a pair of tracks as depicted in some advertising). Though it had a rated top speed of 190 miles per hour (306 km/h), the train took 36 hours to go from New York City to Los Angeles, which would put the train's average speed at around 78 miles per hour (126 km/h), slower than the moderately paced AMTRAK Acela and well below the speeds of bullet trains in Europe and Asia. (Some episodes state, however, that the train also stops in Chicago, Denver, a (mythical) town in Texas and presumably other cities, which would extend the length of the run and thus would require faster speeds.) Much like its contemporary The Love Boat, the plots concerned the passengers' social lives, usually with multiple intertwining storylines. Most of the cast of a given episode were guest stars. The production was elaborate, with huge sets and a high-tech model train for outside shots. xxxxx The following listings are for comic book and/or movie fans looking to decorate their rooms/offices/lockers/dorms with low cost art and photos! Maybe you love the character...maybe you love the artist, maybe you love the storyline...whatever it is, why pay $100's or even $1000's? These make an excellent gift! Imagine your kids face when they come home from school and see this on their wall! If you have any questions please be sure to ask BEFORE purchasing! Can't find what you're looking for? Search my titles AND description by clickinghere! Please check my other listings HERE before checking out...combine your order and save on shipping! Please add me to your favorite sellers list as I have new listings on the way! Thanks for viewing! Please note shipping is full price plus $2 for...


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