Universal Cold Air 3″ Intake Turbo Supercharger Double Turbine Fuel Saver Fan


Measuring your Intake opening is important: Fits any intakes sized from 3 inches to – 3.5 inches (in diameter) only The extra .5 inches is done with the rubber that is shown. If you remove the rubber, the size is 3” If your intake is not within this range, you may need other rubber couplings not included or other installation methods. Requirements: Circular intake pipe opening inside of: 2.5 inches to 3 inches. You may need to cut the rubber adapter to get a snug fit. Other clamps / rubber adapters may be needed in some cases Features: Low Weight Aluminum / Titanium Allow Up to 10% horsepower improvement Up to 30% increase in fuel economy Up to 55,000 RPM Installs in the Air Intake Track as long as it Fits Installation: Remove Intake hose and install where you can in the intake track The propeller side face should be to the air (Outside air being sucked in)

R$ 8.90
R$ 43.09
R$ 59.76

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