What's Comes Next?

Introduction 00:00
Pre show songs. Aerials by Guustavv
02:03 Mint Conditions by Dusty Decks
04:09 Fly Shroom by Giants Nest
07:07 Ten Days by Dylan Sitts
09:17 Jacuzzi by Jobii
11:18 Better Kind of Bitter by Peachy Pavement
14:32 Mysterious new song
16:56 Good lies by Vividry
19:50 Show starts
20:33 Candle of the evening Le Lebo Laurier 62, Fragrance of the day Cartier Oud absolute, Fragrance of the evening Kilian Black Oud
22:23 Public announcement
24:10 What if
26:20 The right one
28:07 Are you stressed?
34:11 Get the likes up theme song
37:25 Your not maintaining Frame
40:10 They all say the same thing
43:20 You can’t move on because…
1:01:40 They’re using you
1:13:12 A future requires time
1:20:18 Here’s what you need in your cookbook
1:23:30 Break song
1:28:29 1st Caller Ashley age 30
1:55:43 2nd Caller Denise age 36
2:01:22 3rd Caller Jade age 24
2:19:00 4th Caller Qiana age 41
2:26:15 5th Caller Gina age 50
2:33:00 Final words
2:49:08 Closing song