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CDC Falsely Claims That Connection Between Heart Inflammation and MRNA Vaccines Wasn’t Known for Most of 2021

Michigan Attorney General Wants Opponent Investigated Over 2020 Election Claims

So-Called Inflation Reduction Act a ‘Massive Power Grab’ by Dems, Says Ted Cruz

Greenfield Foreign Investment in US Continues to Collapse

Restaurant Owners Push Ahead Despite Multiple Economic Obstacles

Nikki Haley Makes Dire Prediction if GOP Loses 2022 Midterms

Targeted Killing Suspected as 4th Muslim Man Murdered in New Mexico

Suspect Linked to 4 Deaths Arrested

Los Angeles Measure to Require Hotels to House Homeless Set for March Ballot

Impeachment Republican Wins Primary With Weakened Advantage

Musk Says Twitter Deal Should Go Ahead If It Provides Proof of Real Accounts

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COV!D: Stop what you’re doing! MONK3Y P0X: Don’t tell us what to do!

CDC Suggests Gay, Bi Men Take ‘Temporary Break’ From Sex to Curb Monkeypox Spread

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1st Annual Joe Biden Bike Race

Pentagon Denies DC’s Request for National Guards Migrant Help; 528,000 Jobs Added in July Jobs Report

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Supreme Court to Hear College Admission Affirmative Action Case in October

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