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Joey Chestnut Is Chomp Champ Again in July 4 Hot Dog Contest

Green Agenda Causing US Power Grid to Be ‘Incredibly Vulnerable’

World Bank Approves New Pandemic Preparedness Fund for Poorer Countries

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JP Morgan Makes Dire Prediction on Future Oil Prices

Buttigieg Responds After Hundreds of Flight Cancelations Reported Over July 4 Weekend

Man Dead After Explosion at Michigan Air Show

California Approves Lithium Tax Despite Industry’s Warnings

Georgia Governor Extends Gas Tax Holiday Into Mid-August

Clueless Americans Don't Know What 4th of July Is

Biden Looks to Block or Limit New Offshore Drilling, Scaling Back Trump-Era Plan to Pump More Oil

Yes, it is.

Mistakes were made

Government take notice: Farmers market are the new terrorist breeding grounds

Supreme Court Security Chief Demands Maryland Governor, County, Do More to Protect Justices

Y’all must be on that new Jesus 👌🏻

Arizona Vows to Fight Possible DOJ Lawsuit Against Law Ensuring Only US Citizens Vote in Elections

All Star Mechanical in Lansing, Michigan is out of fucks to give

Call Me Mr. July

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Early COVID Therapeutics Innovator, Dies at 48