LinkedIn and Facebook Advertising Services.

“When I post my ads they get deleted” – Frustrated Advertiser

We can post ads for you.

Create a quick campaign right here that will put your ad in front of 1.5 Million people in our industry for only $99. Just type what you want your ad to say and I will do the rest. You can even include an image if you want.

You know you need to make social media part of your ad budget. You know you are falling behind. 1 campaign can change that. Stop putting this off and get started today.

How Can I help?

I have over 1000 industry related groups on both Facebook and LinkedIn. When you start a campaign, I put your ad in each of my groups. Groups filled with targeted members. This process takes about a week. I repeat this process as often as you like. It’s that simple!

Facebeook & LinkedIn (Best)
Facebook Only
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Founded in 1995 by Mark Wrhel, Mark Wrhel is a renowned Social Media Advertiser based in Kansas City, MO.

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I not only get sales from this but I am making a ton of new connections!!

Todd Tummings – TrailerTodd.com