2 Kidnapped Americans Found Dead, 2 Alive; Mexico: 103 Minors Found in Abandoned Trailer | NTD

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NTD News Today—3/7/2023
1. Next Steps to Rescue Kidnapped U.S. Citizens
2. Mexico: 103 Minors Found in Abandoned Trailer
3. Incoming W.H.O. Chief Scientist Made Key Change to Lab-Leak Paper
4. 55K MN Felons Will Regain Voting Rights Before Their Probation Ends
5. Bill Filed on Texas Seceding from the U.S.
6. Actor Ben Savage Kicks Off Congressional Bid
7. Attorneys General Ask Court to Block Alleged Collusion Between Government and Big Tech
8. SCOTUS Declines FL Prayer Rally Lawsuit
9. L.A. DA George Gascon Loses Retaliation Case
10. Man Arrested for Trying to Open Plane Door
11. East Palestine, Ohio: 1900 ft of Rail Removed
12. Texas A&M to Stop ‘Diversity’ in Admissions
13. Bump Stock Sales Resume in TX, LA, and MS
14. Gov. Newsom Says No More Business with Walgreens over Abortion Pill Issue
15. Albuterol Shortage Likely to Become Worse
16. Officials ID ‘Granby Girl’ in 1978 Cold Case
17. Florida County Issues Warning After Death
18. Canada to Probe Alleged CCP Election Meddling
19. China Leads U.S. in Key Tech Research: Report
20. Germany Planning Partial Ban of Huawei, ZTE
21. Taiwan Warns of ‘Sudden Entry’ by China
22. 104 Defense Mobilization Offices Set Up Across China
23. S. Korea Firms to Pay in Forced Labor Dispute
24. Troops to Lithuania ‘Up to NATO’: Germany
25. Kherson: Pressure to Register Russian Babies
26. Borscht Brings Ukrainians Together amid War
27. Turkey Quake Survivor Reunited with Grandkid
28. Turkey: Soccer Players Targeted on Field
29. France: 6th Strike over Pension Reforms
30. French Farmers Worried About the Future
31. Peru: Sea Lions Dead as Avian Flu Spreads
32. Shen Yun Brings Joy and Hope to Montana
33. 3D Printed Rocket Set for Launch on March 8
34. It’s National Cereal Day!
35. Idaho: Moose Slams into Snowmobile

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2 Kidnapped Americans Found Dead, 2 Alive; Mexico: 103 Minors Found in Abandoned Trailer | NTD