6 feet is getting longer.

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30 thoughts on “6 feet is getting longer.

  1. I'm not scared of the police and I'm brown.i used to be because I was a law breaker.follow the laws and you won't get arrested. I'm gonna add ,for the most part.bad apples in every bunch.

  2. She is the most disgusting person I have seen in a long time. She reeks of phoniness and puts Hillary Clinton into a tie with Nancy Pelosi for second most disgusting person.

  3. Talkin' out her ass again!!! "To do good…" when she accused unkle mumbles of being a predator….."those women are to be believed"………why aren't you commenting on cuomo, aunt kamaltoe harris???

  4. She is not the Vice President, she is just part of an installed regime that came to power through a militarily backed coup!
    They will hold this mask and socialist distancing over “we the people” as long as they can or, as long as we allow them to.

  5. We all saw her get the vaccine, right? She is always more than 6 feet away. She won't go to the border. She does all Zoom meetings. She claims covid concerns. She was vaccinated? With what? Water?

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