8 Passport Bros Have Been Deleted in Colombia in One Year DUE TO THIS!

A growing number of men are traveling to foreign countries to meet submissive women who are less expensive and not too demanding.

The term “passport bros” first appeared on TikTok, and refers to men who use dating apps for hookups with women in other countries.

Authorities say at least 25 passport bros. were killed in Medellin, Colombia in 2023. Four Americans were killed in Medellin in November alone.

59-year-old Gregory Stewart Owens (pictured) was looking for love in Colombia when he was gunned down in the streets of Cartagena during a robbery in October 2023.

Owens was robbed of all his belongings, including his watch and a gold chain around his neck.

Owens’ family finally received his body in Chattanooga, Tennessee 2 weeks after he was killed.

The U.S. State Department helped the family to cut through the red tape to bring his remains home.

Johnny Jerome, 45, was found dead in a Jacuzzi in a luxury hotel suite in Medellin on November 2nd. He was killed the day after celebrating his birthday with a cousin and two women he met on a dating app.

Phillip Mullins, a 32-year-old Tennessee man was found dead in a room at the upscale 1 Million Suites hotel in Medellin after a night out with a woman.

Minnesota comedian Tou Ger Xiong, a high school valedictorian, was found dead on December 11 in a ravine after he had met a woman for a date. Xiong, 45, was beaten to death with a blunt object.

Four people, including a minor, were arrested and charged in Xiong’s murder.

On November 13, Texas resident Jeffrey Hutson, 55, was found dead in his hotel room with at least 20 stab wounds in his neck.

Hutson was killed after returning to his hotel suite with an 18-year-old woman he met on a dating app in Medellin.

The U.S. State Department has issued a warning to avoid using dating apps to meet women in foreign countries.

Men are being warned not to book Airbnb’s and hotels in isolated locations in Mexico and Colombia.