ACQUITTED 2ND TIME! TRUMP'S defense destroys Left, calls the witness bluff, Pre-planned Capitol Riot

Donald Trump is acquitted after the US House voted to Impeach him, making him the only President to whom this has ever happened. The Democrats changed course and decided to call witnesses before backtracking after Trump called their bluff. Trump’s defense team brilliantly uses the leftist narrative against them and the press airs the coverage. So, the very media that works tirelessly to cover for Biden and the Democrats allows the footage to air that destroy’s the Left’s narrative. It was a Big, Beautiful Trial. LOL. You’ll love this commentary. The best commentary of the 2nd Impeachment “trial.” Or should we say the Unconstitutional Impeachment trial. Obviously the left didn’t want Trump to call witnesses forward in the trial when those witnesses would’ve included Bowser, Pelosi, and Schumer.

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