Adam Coleman on Black Victorhood and the Nuclear Family

“American Thoughts Leaders” host Jan Jekielek will talk with Adam Coleman at 8:30 p.m. ET, Jan. 10 in his TwitterSpace about black victorhood and the nuclear family.

“My search for black identity was something that I actually enjoyed, until I started noticing that there was a level of animosity that comes with it that’s being preached. It is a celebration of being black and also is a rejection of ‘white,’” Adam Coleman, founder of WrongSpeak Publishing and author of “Black Victim to Black Victor: Identifying the Ideologies, Behavioral Patterns, and Cultural Norms that Encourage a Victimhood Complex,” told Jekielek during a previous interview.

Coleman believes the American public education system has failed its students and that a policy of school choice is the solution. He says that growing up without a father made it especially challenging for him to cultivate an identity, and that single parenthood is devastating to the black community. Coleman says that family planning is of utmost importance to improving society.

The Epoch Times will livestream the TwitterSpace interview.

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