Addressing Anti-Asian Hate crimes | Above the Hate

Anti Asian hate crimes increased nearly 150% in 2020 according to NBC news. For AAPI Heritage month I wanted to make a song with themes about my culture as an Asian American and speak on the current situation looking forward. I hope that moving forward Asian Americans will be given more opportunities to use their voice to spread awareness and become loved and accepted in this country. #StopAsianHate

Thanks for taking the time to listen and I hope you enjoyed it 🙏.

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Cold world they been hating a lot
They been tryna keep out but I’m breaking the lock
Been progressing every moment said Im changing a lot
We gon’ rise above the hate, Im headed straight to top, now

Chasin’ goals they tell me keep on dreaming
Yea I been ballin since a jit they come in 10 days leaving
Just waiting till I blow up and they gon send they greetings
Grew up with calligraphy so I noticed that the pen game easy
Soothing flows put sauce up in every note
Had that poetry in motion perfection in every stroke
Studio been like the temple come non-stop with the smoke
Bout to go and cop a yacht and ask who fresh off the boat
I aint ever quitting rapping ‘til Im paid for the flows
Used to worry bout them haters now I pray for my foes
Attacking the beats with passion yeah I came for their throats
Used to call me shao lin master got the game in a choke
Always knew Im born different, I learned to roll with the punches
Had to slip thru many jabs, and counter all the assumptions
Now I’m hopping on the tracks, they notice I’m onto something
Their expressions aint changed since elementary when I pulled out my lunches
But I ain’t further discuss it
Grew up with them hoop dreams and on the court made adjustments
I just focused on the game and made it rain with the buckets
Moved deceptively quick I wasn’t covered just like Asian injustice
Stored up savings now we breaking the budget I put the flame on the drum kit
They couldn’t handle the sauce and felt the pain in they stomach
Known to be good at every topic from cliches they suggested
So I can handle deflections when they be changing the subject


Verse 2:
I’m locked in on the beat pack
40+ booming pops plugin songs on the WeChat
The ascent been so steep it felt like I brought the seat back
The way Im crossing over know the game felt it right in its knee cap
Been progressing not perfection but Ion really need suggestions or feedback
Now they noticing the way I pull up, the range sittin
Lot of blessings but I go out and grind, it ain’t given
Got God who shouldering all of the burden the pain lifted
2020 really changed up my vision, the aims different
Come off quiet ain’t want em up in my business
But when Im up on the beats Im going off on the rhythms
They said I’m good at math and now I’m running up digits
These rappers claim they flow mean I guess they never really studied statistics
I don’t throw shade at no drama but sometimes I really gotta
Some designers flat out racist talking Dolce & Gobanna
So I went and switched the flex up, the way I throw my commas
Now Im flooding out my ice cream got the gold flakes on the matcha
I ain’t even cappin’ got receipts I done saved the proof
Put on for my culture show respect that’s I came to do
Just tryna break the stereotypes of all the things that they assume
Just tryna paint a picture cuz our stories barely make the news
But we got that toughness in our culture we ain’t made to lose
Start with railroad tracks and now the rap game gotta break into
We made our own lanes now we got several different ways to move
Them same dudes screaming china virus prolly eating all our asian food


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