All Eyes On Wisconsin's Primary Election (Clear Perspective with Serene Lee)

All eyes are on Wisconsin’s primary election. Polls will be closed at 9pm Eastern time. This is the last fight between President Trump and Mike Pence for the 2022 Republican governor nominee. Trump and Pence both went to Wisconsin last week to support their candidates.

Almost a year ago, former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch jumped into the race for governor. But then, in April, construction executive Tim Michels announced his own bid, and he’s emerged as a formidable foe to Kleefisch. Moreover, Michels got a further boost when, on June 2, he received the endorsement of former President Donald Trump. As a result, by mid-June, a Marquette University poll showed a virtually tied race: Michels 27 percent, Kleefisch 26 percent.

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