Amanda Seales has embarrassing meltdown where she disses Ma’khia Bryant’s victims.

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35 thoughts on “Amanda Seales has embarrassing meltdown where she disses Ma’khia Bryant’s victims.

  1. I'm glad the dog is ok! This entire situation is so ratchet and embarrassing. This entire situation is a mess! I'm over caring about it. I feel sorry she has to live in Columbus, they need to move her

  2. The way this Ma'khiya was holding the knife about to stab, she looks like she'd stabbed someone before. I'm sure Juvi records are sealed. She was in foster care for a reason.

  3. Man I been saying that for years.
    Them white people think they will get a pass because they held a blm sign or got down on one knee. I've been saying to people I know that black people don't need to hear you tell them they're lives matter.

  4. Keep calling out the truth AK! I personally have shown your channel to at least 20 family members and they subscribed!! Real people want real news!! Thank you sir!!

  5. Agree 100% Ak, the woman in pink along with her family should immediately-on second thought, should've BEEN held a press conference thanking officer Reardon for saving her life. OFFICER NICHOLAS REARDON IS A FUCKIN HERO!! 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿🏆

  6. Her delusions of grandeur have clouded her mind. Everything she said was a bunch of garbled up nonsense. I think these goofballs just get together and practice their terminology with their like-minded friends and then feel like they can just spew it out on the world.

  7. Amanda Seales say that blk girls are expected by society to be mature…while at the same time 2 blk girls in DC carjacked a Middle Eastern man,tasered him to get in the driver seat..drove off at 60 mph, slamming his body into a pole killing him instantly, Flipping his car throwing his body yards away from the car, got out of his car and was only concerned about their cell phone, and…here's the kicker….THEY WEREN'T CHARGED FOR MURDERING THAT MAN.. Amanda disingenuous gaslighting is on par with no other.

  8. How about a change in people all people. How about parents be parents and not the children’s friend. How about raising your children with values, morals and respect for others and to respect themselves.

  9. 1. biracial women need to stop caping so hard (yeah I said it. No- this is not some sort of violent attack against biracial women. Relax.)
    2. Black women need to stop thanking their “ancestors”. I’ve been hearing that a lot lately. That must be something they’re seeing on Instagram.
    3. I’m a teacher in the hood (Disclaimer: I’m black). Sorry to say but, our black and Latino girls need to learn how to tone it down when they get upset… or just in general. My Asian students don’t behave the way the other girls do. It sounds wrong, but I’ve taught In the hood for 4.5 years and grew up in the hood for 34 years. We need to do better, and I’m guilty of getting a little ratchet myself. I’m not saying we deserve to be treated in an adverse way, but a lot of our little girls got issues and yes, they need to be addressed, but pacifying it is not the way.

  10. Amanda says MaKhia was BEING BULLIED and IN FEAR, not trying to stab a (two) Black girl(s) to death bc she was mad about being called out for being a slob. Being called messy must be the bullying that justified attempted murder.

    WHITE SILENCE IS VIOLENCE. That's what White people learned last year from enthusiastic or forced reading of White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo and from pro-Blacks including Kendi and all the anti-racist trainers they hired for $8,000+ per seminar.

  11. this is why we should all wear body armour, and fine those who dont, body armor it works , if you refuse to not wear it and get stabbed, its your own fault. its even better if you wear two, and keep 6 feet apart so they cant reach, together we can flatten the curve. : /

  12. I wonder what amanda would say if MaQuisha was about to stab her. I'm sure she would berate the cop after he shot her, telling him that he's racist and should have let her finish

  13. Wikipedia biography education:
    She graduated from SUNY-Purchase, then acquired a master's degree in African-American studies with a concentration in Hip hop from Columbia University.

    Think of all the things she could have learned at Columbia. Barack Obama graduated from Columbia with I think political science.

    Free college is an excellent idea, except WOKE will ruin that too.

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