Anti-Asian Hate Crime | 5 Things We Can Do

Anti-Asian hate crime has been skyrocketed since the beginning of the pandemic. As an Asian myself, this has been a challenging topic to talk about. For a long time, I turned away from the issue but Asian racism didn’t stop. So I decide to speak up and hope more people can understand the anti-Asian hate crime that has been going on in the US.

In this video, you will learn about the news regarding hate crimes against Asians. Follow with some anti-Asian statistics. And then, I talk about the history and stereotypes of AAPIs (Asian Americans and Pacific islanders). You will learn 5 things that can be helpful for supporting the Asian community.

Video timeline:

Anti-Asian hate crime News: 0:00-1:55
Research and statistic: 1:55-2:37
Stereotype: 2:27-3:47
The murder of Vincent Chin: 3:47-4:30
Current struggles: 4:30-5:14
The intention of this video: 5:14-5:38
5 things to do: 5:38-6:23

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Peer-reviewed article:

Litam, S. D. (2020). “Take your Kung-flu back to Wuhan”: Counseling Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders with race-based trauma related to COVID-19. The Professional Counselor, 10(2), 144-156. doi:10.15241/sdal.10.2.144


Anti-Asian Hate Crime:

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Videos and Documentary:

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Hate Crime Resources:

Stop AAPI Hate (incident report)

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