Anti-Asian Hate Crime, Discussed with Prof. Angie Chung, UAlbany

아시아계 증오범죄 방지법, 미국 내 반응

And for further discussions on the persisting anti-Asian hate crimes, we’re joined by Angie Chung, Professor of Sociology at University at Albany, SUNY.
Welcome to the program.

Despite government and civil efforts to curb anti-Asian hate crimes since the Atlanta spa shooting, reports show such crimes continue to persist. Have you been able to witness any positive changes?

On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate will cast a final vote on a bill to address the rising hate crimes against Asian Americans. How effective will this be in stopping such crimes?

You’ve been conducting a research on how Covid-19 affected racial belonging among Asian American students in New York. What have you been able to find?

What’s the reaction from the AAPI communities on the legislative movements as well as on the rising cases of hate crimes despite various efforts?

Professor Angie Chung of University at Albany, SUNY for us. Thank you.

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2021-04-20, 19:00 (KST)