Anti Asian Hate Crimes

1. Whites, “Mexicans” and black folks are being filmed attacking old Asians.
How do you think I feel about young men physically assaulting old women?

2. Don’t let the anti-black media confuse you. You’ll regret letting your guard down in the wrong, used to be right neighborhood.

3. Black people who commit crimes are criminals. Why call them racist now?

4. Filipinos are some of the most anti-black racist people I have met. About as bad as “Indians” and worse than Mexicans.
Should I take advantage of my prejudices and promote racial intolerance in 2021?

5. Don’t forget how the white man and mainstream media used to portray Asians. Almost as corrupt as they portrayed Native Americans. In the 60’s Asians were ridiculed as much as blacks were on television and in films.
Do you remember?

Well then take an Asian Studies class and stop the madness. The “media people” want Asians and blacks to go to war.

Don’t be foolish people!