Are Modern Women The Walking Dread?

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Work. Eat. Home. Sleep. Repeat.
Work. Eat. Home. Sleep. Repeat.
Work. Eat. Home. Sleep. Repeat.
This seems to be the life of far too many women today.
Do this sound enjoyable?

Good Men

Intro: 0:00

Show Starts 🎥: 15:09

Fragrance and Candle of the Evening: 19:24

The Godfather starts his monologue on The Walking Dread: 20:16

Money World 💃🏾💰🌎: 51:43

First Caller: 58:22 37 y/o woman calls in to appreciate The Godfather asks for advice, says she’d like to have a child one day?
Went from 150lb to 278lb?!

Second Caller: 1:12:22 26y/o woman calls in to appreciate The Godfather. Asks for creative ways to meet people during the p*ndemic?
The Godfather rates the caller as a NINE! (First time on the channel)

Third Caller: 1:20:34 caller says her husband put her on to The Godfather.

Fourth Caller: 1:22:30 29y/o woman says she is part of the Walking Dread.

Fifth Caller: 1:26:22 28 y/o woman in a relationship for 5 years…but not engaged yet?!
Says there are Stipulations for her to get married…but already had a Baby?! 🤔🤔 It ends in Taps! 🤚🏾🎺🤣

Sixth Caller: 1:39:45 26 y/o woman calls in to appreciate The Godfather and men’s perspective.

Seventh Caller: 1:40:57 25y/o woman says she’s in wife school now! Asks for advice on the next steps!

Eight Caller: 1:51:13 married AKA💗💚 calls in (on their founders day) says her husband put her on to The Godfather.

Ninth Caller: 1:52:36 26 y/o woman says modern women in general aren’t The Walking Dread, The Godfather gives her perspective.
The Godfather talks about the importance of community and family.

Tenth Caller: 2:06:05 24y/o woman says her brother-in-law put her on to The Godfather, asks why nurses are a red flag! Because she’s a nurse.🤣

Eleventh Caller: 2:09:47 asks are men happier now than in the previous era?! The Godfather responds and gives perspective, touches on lazy modern women and Hamburger Helpers? 🍔🤣

Twelfth Caller: 2:16:14 46 y/o woman PREDICATABLY tries to ask for balance on giving women advice.

Thirteenth Caller: 2:16:55 No disagreement caller.
The Godfather goes off 🔥🔥 on the 12th Caller! “Balance theze N*tz!” 😳😳😂

Fourteenth Caller: 2:17:51 married women says walking dreads look down on women who prioritize families and Stay at home wives.

Fifteenth Caller: 2:19:57 says modern women are lazy and stressors not helpmate to their partners!

Sixteenth Caller: 2:23:22 asks The Godfather for the amount of time a woman should date someone to get a proposal?! Says she’s in a 2 year old relationship.

Seventeenth Caller: 2:28:37 27y/o woman says modern women aren’t lazy! and Women are increasing the life expectancy of men?!
Says she’s a Christian…but is a feminist?! 🤔 The Godfather performs a much needed verbal exorcism! Ends in Taps! 🤣🎺

Eighteenth Caller: 2:42:46 20y/o woman says she’s in a committed relationship with her boyfriend but both of them have no dads to help?!
She wanted a Promise ring NOT an engagement ring?! The Godfather gives her perspective.

2:50:43 Kiss the ring intermission!/Donations! 💸

Nineteenth Caller: 2:51:57 37y/o woman with 2 children says she has no problem getting a man but attracts weak men?! Says she’s been celibate for 2 years?! 🤔🤔
Says her Cookies are worth the wait?! Gets men p whipped?! 😳😳 Says Men pick Women based on Stayability? Savability? Statability?! 🤯 Says her value increased with her age?!🤯 Call of the Night!!!! 🎺🤣

End of the show/The Godfather summarizes the show: 3:21:51