Asian communities in solidarity amid alarming uptick of anti-Asian hate crimes

급증하는 아시아 혐오 범죄, 미 전역 ‘Stop Asian Hate’ 운동 확산: 현지 연결

Heartbroken, upset, frightened and fed up.
From an 84 year-old Thai immigrant who was violently shoved to death during a morning walk… to the Atlanta spa shooting that took away 8 lives, 6 of them of Asian descent,… surging Anti-Asian hate crimes are rattling the Asian communities AND the world.
And to hear more about the dire situations, Sung Yeon Choimorrow, Executive Director of the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum joins us live from Chicago.
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According to a recent analysis released by the California State University, anti-Asian hate crimes in 2020 rose by a whopping 150 percent in major US cities since the onset of the pandemic, an alarming 830% in New York. How serious is the anti-Asian sentiment in the US now and how are you observing recent developments?

Asians, especially those in the US, are often perceived as the ‘quiet model minority’. But Asian communities are now more vocal than ever taking actions against the senseless attacks. Can you tell us more about the reaction from Asian communities, including the Asians and Pacific Islanders’ community?

The Atlanta spa shootings is just the latest of the thousands of anti-Asian crimes reported worldwide, and yet in many cases, the suspects are not charged with hate crime… as according to authorities, it’s difficult to prove whether they were racially motivated. While this has sparked a vigorous global debate, how do you see it?

The enforcement of stronger “hate crime laws” in the US is being named as one of the solutions to stop racial violence. What do you think are the most urgent actions needed from the government and the public to stop Asian hate?

Thank you for sharing your perspectives with us tonight.

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2021-03-23, 19:00 (KST)