Biden: "I promise you to.. put people in a place where those beautiful children in the back."

Sen. Cruz to Biden and his administration: "You own this!"

Biden claims that his first job offer came from a local lumber business.

Don't watch. It's just Democrats and RINOs climbing back to whatever they do.

Biden's Sec Blinken calls the Taliban the "Afghan Government."

Biden: "And so you know ah um."

Biden got trolled at unscheduled stop at a volunteer fire dept in Shanksville, PA.

5 years ago today.

Biden on how much he cares about Democracy, unity, against autocracy, attacks Trump and Republicans.

VP Harris campaigns in California for Democrat Newsom.

Psaki refuses 3 times to answer if Americans are less safe after Biden's withdrawal.

Don't watch, it's just Biden doing his job.

Biden: "I'm here, uh, uh, eh, the FEMA's director's on, uh, uh.. and I'm here with, uh.."

Biden seems to be in a very good mood.

Anything But A Success.

Biden's Pentagon spokesman walks away from a question about ISIS being released by the Taliban.

VP Harris stops for a photo op but ignores a Q about Afghanistan before departing to Hawaii.

Q: How can the press trust Biden admin if they lie about the small things?

Psaki gets annoyed with Fox News reporter for asking questions on Afghanistan.

Psaki runs away as a reporter asks if they regret generals focusing all their energy on going woke.

Psaki on Biden's spin on his withdrawal: "There are of course other options."

Psaki: "I don't think we can guarantee" Americans who want to get out will get out after Aug 31.

Democrat Rep. Kim: "We will not be able" to finish evacuation from Afghanistan by August 31.

Biden: "I'll keep you informed every day."

Biden: "I don't trust anybody."

The ruling class doing whatever this is.

Biden's Department of Defense still doesn't know how many Americans are in Afghanistan.

National Security Advisor: "Biden has been deeply engaged in this."

Biden heads back on vacation after speech on botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

Florida Democrat candidate for governor accidentally refers to Gov. DeSantis as "this president."

Schwarzenegger: "Screw your freedoms." Vindman agrees.

Albany County sheriff: If the accusations are proven to be true, Gov. Cuomo might face jail time.

Biden flees podium as reporters beg for answers to questions.

Every time Biden seems to enjoy the press being removed with no answers.

Psaki to Fox News reporter: "I'm happy to have you as a partner in this effort."

Psaki: Biden is “keeping the option open” for more C-19 restrictions.

The press had to wait 2 hours in the briefing room until Psaki showed up.

WH virtual meeting host: "We have a VP who regularly TAKES TIME to meet with our nation…"

Democrat Cuomo: "We have to.. put them in a car and drive them and get that vaccine in their arm."

Pelosi responds to GOP leader McCarthy’s criticisms of the House mask mandate: "He’s such a moron."

Biden: "I have to seek permission to leave."

Democrat Schumer: "How could 74 million people vote for such despicable human being?"

Biden yells gibberish.

The auditorium at Biden's town hall is barely half full.

Kamala Harris meets with poll workers. What does her job as VP have to do with this meeting?

Liberals keep caring and categorizing what their s. preferences or peculiarities are.

Biden: "We are going to work now."

Biden to his cabinet: There's overwhelming evidence that the vast majority of Americans support us.

Psaki runs out of briefing room as reporters ask if Biden will allow them in East Room.

Chicago FOX 32 report: "Gang members now outnumber the city's police officers by 10 to 1."