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‘Exhausted’ Gas Funds Sees Michigan Sheriff’s Dept Reduced to Managing ‘Non-Life Threatening’ Calls by Phone

US Already Descending Into Recession: Economist


Biden vs Yoda

2 more jobs to pay for gas to go to my main job.

where is that oil we “stole” from Iraq?

Me love you Long Time

Whoah whoah whoah

Ex-Dodger’s Son Among Five Marines Killed in Imperial County Crash


GOP Lawmakers Say Faith, Family, and Moral Values Are Answers to Gun Violence

Biden Admin Announces Plan to Conserve Largest Underwater Canyon Along US Atlantic Coast

There Could Be a Much Darker Meaning to Jan. 6 ‘Show Trials’—Lee Smith

Senate Panel Backs Michael Barr, Biden Pick as Fed Regulator

Texas Judge Blocks Federal Policy Letting ‘Criminal Aliens’ ‘Roam Free’

Las Vegas Police Detective Killed After Freeway Beam Falls on Car

Man Shot by Police Near School Had Mental Problems

China’s Dominance in Global Lithium Supply Poses Risks to US Companies