Never stop.

Figure how that was done

Sick pups every where

Gotcha Nancy!

And They Say Red States Are the Problem…

That’s All Folks…

“End of quote. Repeat the line.” -Joe reading everything on his teleprompter

you are what you eat

Bodycam Shows Suspect Allegedly Shooting Chicago Police Officer

hmm… weird


Old Joe Checkin’ In To A Mental Health Office

Both Sides Contribute To EXTREMISM. Being Politically HOMELESS.

“I Would Rather D*E Than Ask My Baby Daddy For Help”

Bodycam: Police Shootout That Left Two Officers Shot (Benton Harbor, MI)

Bodycam Shows Police Shoot at Teens in Speeding Car at High School

Bodycam Shows Miami Police Officer Shooting Armed Man During Traffic Stop

Police Bodycam Video Shows Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting in New York

Jussie Smollett Sentenced To 3 Months in Jail…