Biden Needs Taylor Swift

Joe Biden desperately seeks the love of Taylor Swift; the White House thrashes around on responding to Iran’s killing of three Americans; and E. Jean Carroll wants to use Donald Trump’s money to buy herself a fishing rod.


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00:00 – Biden Wants Taylor’s Endorsement

6:16 – FLASHBACK: Celebs Sing Fight Song

8:50 – Is Taylor Swift A Pentagon ‘Psyop’?

13:47 – FLASHBACK: Psyop Unit Pitched Idea of Using Swift As Asset

21:12 – Biden Admin Blew It On Jordan Attack

22:32 – Sullivan FLASHBACK: ‘Quieter Today’ Than Last Two Decades

23:05 – Blinken: We’ve Not Seen A Situation This Dangerous Since At Least 1973

24:52 – Kirby: We’re Not Looking For A War With Iran

27:25 – Pentagon Spox Asked If Deterrence Has Failed

30:20 – FLASHBACK: Team Biden Saying “Don’t” To Iran

32:24 – Al-Jazeera Reporter: Is Biden Looking At Polling?

35:24 – Why The Media Are Focused On Polls

36:04 – Sky News’ Belle Donati Draws Comparisons Between Gaza And The Holocaust

37:35 – Hamas Rejects Hostage Deal

39:20 – Kirby: UNRWA Has Been Doing “Amazing” Work

40:38 – Immigration

41:14 – Convoy Prepares To Descend On Texas

42:15 – Trump Rips Bill: Will Make Republicans Look Bad

43:24 – Donald Trump vs. E. Jean Carroll

46:33 – Maddow Asks E. Jean Carroll What She’s Going To Do With “Trump’s Money”

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