Bill Maher claims “Hard to Make Fun of Biden” (Destroyed by comedian K-von)

Mainstream media constantly lies that it’s too hard to make fun of Biden then de-platforms the comedians who do a great job of it. Which team are you on?

(hint: Maher has a $10million budget and 15 writers. K-von does it alone)


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41 thoughts on “Bill Maher claims “Hard to Make Fun of Biden” (Destroyed by comedian K-von)

  1. I think it’s more sad than funny. We’re literally watching a senile grandpa propped up by psychopaths , and we have to pretend it’s all ok. It’s scary to think Russia and China see the same videos we do.

  2. Well, just when you thought you'd seen everything….Bill Maher claims that Joe Biden has stepped up his game!
    He DID make it through Inauguration Day surprisingly well..give him that. But it's a looong four years, Bill.

  3. If Bill thinks Joe Biden has done nothing to make fun of, he seriously needs to lay off the weed.

    He has finally become that mindless idiot, most life long daily pot smoker become.

    Bill, pot smoking is a way to kick back and relax, not a 24/7 life style.

  4. Hi K-Von, I have to agree with Bill Maher that Biden is hard to make fun of. It's Because he's so Brain Dead and having trouble even climbing the steps with a great handrail up Air Force One!. All we can really do is feel sorry for this poor guy and pray for him to go peacefully go to a grave downstairs where it will be warm enough for him. As an old fart though, he will have to watch out about setting fires doing that down there!! Love your channel.

  5. I don't think it's right to make fun of someone who obviously has a serious health issue. However, the comedians are the ones who should be made fun of for supporting someone who obviously is not fit to be president and for lying and being such butt kissers and for supporting the Leftist agenda!

  6. Literally have never heard an actual comedian say anything was hard to make fun of.

    Y'all are gonna have to wake up to this scripted crap sooner or later, regardless where you stand on the political spectrum

  7. -Shovel the snow in driveway.
    -Play basketball.
    -Play baseball.
    -Play football.
    -Play soccer.
    -Handcuff a criminal without using a gun.
    -Move furniture.
    -Move/lift anything heavy.
    I could continue but I'd waste the rest of the night.

  8. Bill Maher…..WHAT?!?! – Watch Kyle Dunnigan's Joe B. YouTube clips or Mike McCrea ( Joe B. phone-ins on Jimmy Dore show) – they are both deadly funny! And edgy! They are not soft & pussy-like & kind like Dana Carvey's lame Joe B. impression

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