BUSTED: Biden IGNORES New CDC Mask Guidelines

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27 thoughts on “BUSTED: Biden IGNORES New CDC Mask Guidelines

  1. What is an illegitimate president, doing coming out of our white house. Man stole the election and shouldn't be there. Maybe he just thinks he is. Somebody needs to tell him that.

  2. I just told off rooms to go in Florida that I wasn't sick, and they could only rebuttal with "policy" so I left them and went to mattress firm who welcomed me with open arms. Screw those who harp on mask wearing!

  3. This is all so comical. I'm heading to my job maskless. I'm gonna go out to eat lunch maskless. After work hit the gym maskless. But then again I'm not a surgeon so it's life as usual. The face panties are just for virtue signaling…Nothing more..Nothing less at this point.

  4. Protect those that have been "vaccinated"… Hmmm. As well as those who aren't… Guess the experimental jab doesn't do crap, except kill the immune system. "I am in the control group for this experimental vaxx." I will not, I repeat NOT get this jab!

  5. It kills me that this man is outdoors with nobody around him wearing a mask. We need to get over this! I’m sick of wearing masks! Let’s cut the crap already! We’re tired of it! 😡

  6. Omg just stop the madness. Masks are stupid and do nothing to stop a virus. People wearing them outside or in their cars alone are weirdos, just get on with life now. Time to live again

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