CAPITOL HILL RIOT PRE-PLANNED – Capitol Hill Police, Nancy Pelosi, FBI knew. National Guard denied.

Lumberjack Logic – Episode 48 – More information is coming out. The Capitol Hill Riot was a pre-planned event and law enforcement knew, including the FBI, Capitol Police, and the NYPD. With the Joint Terrorism Task Force having received intel and communications, even knowing that their was talk of killing police officers, why was the Capitol not better prepared? The intel must have gotten to Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi so why did they refuse help from the National Guard. Why did the Sergeant of Arms of the US Senate (Michael C. Stenger), Sergeant of Arms of the US House (Paul Irving), and the Chief of Capitol Police (Steven Sund) all resign the next day. Paul Irving has left town and no one even seems to know where he is. In addition Nancy Pelosi hasn’t even been acting as speaker, all while the Impeachment hearings and 25th Amendment discussions are going on. If the attack was pre-planned, and the evidence says that it is, the entire Impeachment Trial is proven to be a sham. Insiders apparently went so far as to help with planning and maps according to Clyburn What does that mean for the future of Joe Biden’s inauguration and Trump’s presidency? The US Attorney, along with the FBI is even bringing a conspiracy case. Although the Capitol Hill Riots may not have been staged and they certainly weren’t fake (I was there), they were obviously known about and it appears that optics controlled the decision making process. IN short the Capitol Hill Riots were at minimum a set-up.

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