Racist Karen spews hate laced tirade at worker when she hears Telemundo on Pizzeria TV.

A heroic black man protects several injured black women by gunning down a knife wielding attacker.

CNN pundit blasts Austin PD after armed black man is shot by cops while chasing another black man.

Man shoots up food truck line when asked to leave bc he didn’t have enough money.

Black artist unveils controversial monkey people art exhibit in honor of Black History Month.

Tragedy strikes as Joe Frazier Jr has been gunned down by cops.

A beloved family man gets smoked when he pulls into his driveway and surprises thieves.

Black woman runs to the news station crying & whining when city puts haflway house behind her house.

Woke bake shop owner gets dragged to her death by goons in the Democratic Republic of Oakland.

A future BLM marcher ignored a Chicago goon’s catcalls so he did this to get her attention.

Pasty Liberal woman goes on racist, pandering rant equating Sun people to children.

The psychology of a goon in Blakstan in the year 2023. Part 1

A St. Louis glider has a run in with the homeboys.

Loving Glider father gets clapped up and killed by Senior Citizen Sun man.

There is a case in Africa that is similar to the Tyre Nichols situation only far worse.

First black woman general honored.

Are the viral Vibranium Stones found in the Congo real or fake??

Silence as an All AMerican girl raped and hit by car after asking 4 homies for ride home from bar.

The new MLK statue looks like a big ol' $chl0ng.

Watch racist Chicago news anchors deny the effects of white supremacy on the black community.