Four women are brutally killed in 2 days in Dem city by convicted criminals allowed to roam streets.

Your tax dollars now protecting students from an unlikely colored supremacist on walk from school.

Man out on bond kills car dealer in front of his parents.

Viral video of 2 Asian dudes beating & shooting a black man in Philly explained.

Did OJ Simpson just confess to killing Nicole & Ronald Goldman??

The Liberal Capitol Insurrection by Pro-Palestine/Israel protests, Blakistan crime & violence.

A White man goes around snatching off Black women’s wigs and instantly FAFO.

Another missing black woman story is exposed on the new Ebony Alert system.

Either Israel or Palestine bombed a hospital killing 500, Black people 99% support Palestine.

Two good kids killed in gangland style cases of mistaken identity that will leave you heartbroken.

The shocking trend of Black thugs toting Kardashian style purse dogs while committing violent crime.

Devoted youth football coach gunned down in front of players by father mad his son wasn’t starting.

Another brilliant white college student is brutally killed by a career criminal with a long record.

Murdered Philly BLM activist is exposed as a predator by his young killer’s family.

Texas State Fair gets shot up after 2 black dude’s argument, Mass shooting Downtown Minneapolis.

Ak Nation debates Destiny exposing if Ana Kasparian is sincere about her new views on crime & race.

A dude walked into a New York City Wholefoods & started cracking women upside the head with bottles.

Entitled, Delusional woman completely abuses a nice guy on date to Cheesecake Factory.

Halloween display with brown gloves, hanging from a noose blasted as racist causes community uproar.

Biden’s bro caught on LGBTQ dating app, Blacks support Hamas over Israel, crime Democrat cities.