Amanda Seales has embarrassing meltdown where she disses Ma’khia Bryant’s victims.

Three year old killed at his birthday party in Miami is the latest black child gunned down by thugs.

Massive Shooting erupts in New York & Wild Shootout caught on camera in D.C.

North Carolina man Andrew Brown killed by cops & the main stream media goes crazy.

Controversial viral video of White man assaulting cop causes pain & trauma in the community.

White San Diego Mass Shooter fights with cops before taken into custody alive.

NYC politician blames broad daylight execution of Black woman on inter-generational trauma & racism.

2 Black girls die in Ohio stabbing tragedies: Ma’khia celebrated while Nyaira is ignored.

Mass Shooting in Atlanta goes completely ignored by the main stream media.

Lebron James worries about Ma’khia cop while Akron murders up 1000% & all victims are Black.

Mass shooting at child’s birthday party in Louisiana with 9 victims goes completely ignored.

New unseen info on the police shooting of Black teen girl Makhia Bryant in Columbus.

Atlanta Beauty stalked and shot by thug while on romantic date with her Black boyfriend.

7-year old Chicago girl is among the dozens of Black kids gunned down in the last week.

Long Island Stop & Shop Shooter in custody.

Mass Shootings in Kenosha & tragic slaughter of young leaders in Texas cap a violent weekend.

Minnesota mayor wants cops guns while riots rage on & New York police are under attack.

CNN fire Chris Cuomo for saying White people’s kids must die for Police to reform but Peyton Ham.

Atlanta Water Boyz warn Black Georgians after man is shot for refusing to buy bottle of water.

Liberals mock hero who tried to stop Indianapolis Mass Shooter Brandon Scott Hole.

The main stream media LIES about the Adam Toledo police killing in Chicago.

The media hides the truth of Deandre vs White Army Seargent Pentland walking while black incident.

Liberal lunatic Rashida Tlaib dragged for calling on the abolishment of police.

The main stream media hides Minnesota man Daunte Wright’s history of violence against Sistahs.

The main stream media ignores Birmingham Mass Shooting in favor of Daunte Wright coverage.

Liberals attack Black man who confronted CNN reporter Sara Sidner about inciting riots in Minnesota.

New York City has a HUGE new racial problem on their hands.

Outrage after Black Army Lieutenant Nazario assaulted by Virginia police during traffic stop.

BLM founder Patrisse Cullors buys million $ houses in diversity challenged areas with your money.

Main Stream media silent on 3 Mass Shootings in the last 24 hours.

Kids R Kids Day Care accused of feeding white kids first after screen shot goes viral.

Masked man runs on field & shoots player at Atlanta semi-pro football game ending his career.

Two kids among the wounded when a Florida block party gets shot up by Thugs.

Democratic Mayor De Blasio says he doesn’t believe New Yorkers who say they are afraid of NYC Thugs.

Off duty Pentagon police officer kills 2 unarmed Black men after accusing them of stealing a car.

Ex-NFL player Phillip Adams kills his Doctors family & staff in horrific Mass Shooting.

Anti-police Roland Martin crony is elected First Black Female Mayor of St. Louis.

Attacks across the country going unreported by the main stream media.

Black Atlanta drags Stacy Abrams after costing them $200 million in MLB/voter ID law Colorado fiasco

Comedian Rickey Smiley dear friend killed in Birmingham Mass Shooting.