2/10 Top Headlines

The LGBTQ+ Religious Cult Demands Human Sacrifice

Coward Biden Lets China Send Spy Balloon Over America | Ep. 1661

If You’re Black And Cops Kill You, The Vice President Will Speak At Your Funeral | Ep. 1660

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Whoopi Has a MELTDOWN Over CRT Rejection

This Round Goes to Tucker

12,000 Google Employees Laid Off

The Results Of Ideal Left-Wing Parenting | Ep. 1653

Ben Kamala Electric School Buses

“Global Warming Will Kill Us All, So Give Us Ultimate Power” | Ep. 1650

Ben Reacts to Greta Thunberg’s Arrest

Greta Thunberg Has Been Detained | Ep. 1649

The Battle Over Racial Reparations | Ep. 1648

Joe Biden’s Garage Is Full Of Classified Documents | Ep. 1646

Pete Buttigieg Can’t Make The Planes Fly On Time | Ep. 1644

The Neverending Speaker Fight | Ep. 1640

I Kind of Agree With Taylor Swift

How C.S. Lewis Predicted our Culture Today

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