July 5th channel update

Bryan Maryott California Congressional District 49 Interview

4th Of July Parade Rancho Santa Fe

4th Of July Parade Rancho Santa Fe

Live At The Border Outside Yuma

Why a double wall is effective on the Border

What Border Patrol uses at the San Dunes

Some drone footage from the border and update to my last live stream

Live From The Border Outside Yuma

Drought in the Southwest Interview with the Bureau Of Reclamation

Live From Outside The State Fairgrounds & The Audit Site

Maricopa County Audit Hand Recount is Complete

Drought in the Southwest Region

Arizona News Update 6-9-21

Live From The Hoover Dam

Interview with Sarah from People First Economy

Interview with Representative Epstein

Maricopa County News Update June 3

Biden ends wait in Mexico Policy

Biden ends wait in Mexico policy

Qualcomm Stadium Demo and SDSU Stadium Construction

2nd Nuremberg Trial?

Crisis at the Border Interview with Brad and Heather

Follow up from the Crisis at the Border event in Scottsdale

Crisis at the Border w/ Mike Gallagher, Dr. Sabastion Gorka, Seth Leibsohn, & Congressman Andy Biggs

Maricopa County Audit Update 5-24-21

Maricopa County Audit Update 5-18-21

Audit Update from the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum

CENSORED on YouTube for covering the forbidden C word

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Dr. Simone Gold, Founder of America’s Frontline Doctors

America’s Frontline Doctors – The Uncensored Truth Tour AZ

Maricopa County Audit Interview With Candice

Audit Interview with Senator Townsend

Maricopa County Audit Rally Part 2

Maricopa County Audit Rally

Maricopa County Audit Breaking News 5-5-21

Maricopa County Audit Update 5-3-21

Maricopa County Audit Update 5-2-21

Maricopa County Audit and States Rights

Maricopa County Audit Update 5-1-21

Maricopa County Audit Update 4-30-21

Maricopa County Audit Update 4-28-21

Maricopa County Audit Update 4-27-21

Maricopa County Audit Update

Maricopa County Audit Interview with Patty

Maricopa County Audit Interview with John

Auditing the Vote in Maricopa County

Arizona Commemorative Air Force at Deer Valley Airport.

Border Report – The Immigration Crisis Part 1

Freedom Works Unmute America HR 1 Event Arizona – March 9th, 2021