Just another example of the main stream media trying to cancel another patriot that speaks out about cancel culture

If You Could Reason With Them…


Am I missing something?

Working hard or hardly working

That’s why they are REPUBLICONS

Like American Idol, but with Treason.

Always looking for a camera

Oh fuck

His 2024 campaign is off to a running start…

McConnelangelo. These next-gen pokemon are a bit much..


Well, know you know

I really enjoyed making this!

Let the ad hominem attacks commence!

Don’t expect logic


Pt. 1

Definitely a good hiring strategy!

Charlie Kirk has got a point there…

Republicans like things dirty

Why burn it? Donate to Donnie as replacement for his diaper.

Credit to the White Supremacists at the Heritage Foundation for the clarification.

Price of idiocy

The GOP’s “Critical Race-Card Theory”.


If only they could read…

Not that room, the other one!

And then he was gone!

Ignoring it and pretending structural racism doesn’t exist is bad kids, mmmk?

1-800-CALL-FBI for your reward.

CNN’s article today about Trump’s “Revenge Tour” inspired me to make a tour poster!

Lady Lindsey has something to say.

People at work that aren’t vaccinated that still have to wear their masks.

Florida Man forgets Texas isn’t part of Florida, rushes to inhale bath salts

Heir to the Swanson frozen food fortune. Used to wear bowties every day.

The right is so quick to defend it’s politicians, that they’ll defend laws forcing private citizens to register their political ideology. It’s comedy really, “Don’t tread on me” my ass.

So tolerant

Garbage always rots

Some good advice hidden in this …

It makes total sense. It’s crumbling and dangerous.

You can’t be my fwend anymore.

which came first

Made this months ago, still a problem, still true.

Conservative media won’t be satisfied until her office is relocated to El Paso

Trump’s only chance to get back on the ballot for 2024

This Is Why Facebook Is The Bane Of Existence. No The Condo Collapse Wasn’t A “Test Black Ops Plan” To Go After Ivanka Who Lives 5 Blocks North In Surfside (link in comments)

DiD yOu hEaR tHat oN…

If someone says that “the science is settled” just know that they’re making a political statement not a scientific declaration.