Pandemic Updates Across the U.S. and Beyond for January 2022

When Should you get Tested for COVID-19?

Two Companies Launch Satellites from the U.S., but Women are Still Underrepresented

Water, water everywhere

Under New Mayor, Boston Clears Out Homeless Encampment

After outcry from U.N., the U.S. sets aside more money for Afghanistan but not soon enough for many

Infrastructure and Transportation: Ports, Ships, Bridges and Helicopters all Become Newsmakers

Children in Oregon Sent to Learn from Home Again as Kids in Chicago Head Back in

Updates on the Deaths of David Sassoli, Bob Saget and Betty White

United Nations Seeks Billions of Dollars in 2022 to help Afghanistan

Pilot Crashes into Railroad Tracks, Police Free him in the Nick of Time

Starbucks Workers Unionized Last Month Stage First Protest

Crashes Stack up on Another Major U.S. Route as Snow Slams Western Michigan

Oldest American World War II Veteran Passes Away at Age 112

Study Finds Eating Grapes Helps People Metabolize Cholesterol and Could help Prevent Heart Issues

2 Americans are Missing off Coast of Panama, 2 Others Remain Unaccounted for Following Colorado Fire

Pope's First Weekly Message of 2022 Becomes Subtext to Those Helping him Deliver it

New U.S. Navy Test Program to Benefit some Sailors

Winter Weather Wreaks Havoc Across the U.S.

U.S. Census Bureau Projects U.S. and World Populations on New Year’s Day 2022

Westminster Kennel Club Postpones again in 2022 to keep humans from becoming as sick as, well, dogs

3 year-old girl missing from Texas playground, latest plight for families resettling in U.S.

Shooting rampage in Colorado ends with five killed and two injured

Girls With Sole: Program Empowers Inner-city Youth One Step at a Time

Times Square is Preparing for the Annual New Year's Eve Celebration with new Pandemic Restrictions

Colder Temperatures not for the Faint of Heart to Ring in New Year

T.S.A. Officer Saves Life of Infant

U.S. Tribes Hope for Promised Results from Congress After Years of Suffering Water Woes

Overnight Fire at Texas Gas Refinery Sends Four to Hospital

Multiple Air Travel Incidents Ahead of the Holiday

Details of Christian Missionaries Homecoming Following Abduction, Hostage Situation

Shortest Day of the Year Welcome Change for Community after Quake, Aftershocks Monday

SpaceX, NASA Send Supplies to Space Station, Army Envoy Struck Overseas

A Tale of Two New York Cities as Omicron Surges

Senate Push for Build Back Better Bill Yields no Result, may have Spread Infection

Colleges go back to the chalkboard to adapt COVID-19 restrictions for next semester

New Reports of Oil Sheen in Water off Coast of Southern California

Rent-A-Tree in London

From Old Blue Eyes to Bronze Eyes, Frank Sinatra

Multiple Changes Down Under: New Zealand Moves to Limit Smoking, Australia Works with NASA

The Gifts Americans in Each State are Searching for this Holiday Season

Fishing Allowed to Resume Along Stretch of Orange County Coast Near Oil Spill

There's an Urgent Need for Volunteer Puppy Raisers, no Experience Required!

Man Builds Residential Taj Mahal for Wife in India

Western Europe Sees Fourth Wave, Weighs Shutdowns During Busy Christmas Tourism Season

Popular Delivery Service Donates its Technology to Help Food Banks Reach Homebound

In the Market for New Home? Florida Male Gives Paw of Approval to Sell His Family Mansion

Learning How To Time Blocking For A Productive Day

Wintering Butterfly Population is Bouncing Back Along the Coast of California

Pacific Northwest Flooding, Helicopter Rescues Families Trapped Inside Cars