The Juiciest SJW Fails in Months…Meme Worthy Classics

Dr. Fauci’s First Pitch vs Sister Mary’s First Pitch

Accounting NOW includes Racial Equity in Quickbooks Training.

BANNED – Retro Commercials that would RUIN YOU

Match My Tattoo – Experts Epic FAILs.

When Marlboro Cigs were “Healthy” – Vintage Commercial #shorts

Crazy Left eats the Left on Earth Day #shorts

Things aren’t looking good…funny #shorts

Baby Got Back: 6ft Around & Growing Swedish Butt

Remember When…He was the Nice Guy- Jared “P” Fogle

Retro “Portable” Cell Phone – Radio Shack #shorts

Retro Cig Ads: 4 out 5 “Doctors” Approve – It’s Healthy

Boomer Dad Learns Incel Logic

Dan Pena Explodes on Snow Flake-ism

Conquer: Woman Find MGTOW. Beta Men – Act NOW

YOU are Wrong..Red Pill Date: Making a MGTOW

Reasons why I am an Incel….

Scared of Life: Japan’s Hikikomori (Hermits, Shut-ins)

Polyamorous Biggins: Scrawny Feeder & 2 Ginormous Partners

Make America’s Carbon footprint Great again! #shorts

Merica. Buck Wild & Mask Free. #shorts

Stoner Guesses Who’s Baked – You’ll Never Guess The Biggest Stoners

Biden’s UN Ambassador, “white supremacy weaved into US”

CCP, I mean CNN Caught with Hand on the Scale

Biden Official Gets HALF a BILLION Border Contract

Teacher Karen Rages on Zoom Students

US Woman Caught at (❌Border) JFK Smuggling Cocaine by BORDER PATROL

Eroding Your Soul: Social Media – Bit by Bit

Beer Run: drives Barbie car to Store 😂 #shorts

100 CEOs Aim to Control How YOU ❌Vote

me like puppy play, YOU?

i will marry you IF YOU loss 300 lbs

BLM co-Founder Buys Luxury Real Estate. BLM Cost: Untold Billions, Dead & Injured

$100,000: Illegal Families Benefit from Covid Relief Funds

600lb Life: Feeders Who Enable Gainers

THE WORST SJW Cringe MOM , Karen, on Tik Tok

It’s Just Water Weight – Savage Dr. NOW GOES OFF

Baby Boom: Trans Women NOW in Bio Women’s Prison

Dog Style Pet Play…Meet the Neighbors.

Pelosi, “We are doing GOOD WORK at the Border” #shorts