Even Lincoln’s ghost doesn’t buy it.

EVERYTHING IS A MADE UP LIE! | Arm yourself with the truth. Please share this.

Gov. Cuomo says his accusers just ‘want attention’ and ‘are jealous’.

Psaki describes the process of speech writing for Biden’s State of the Union.

Biden wears a mask outside alone, breaking new CDC guidance.

Biden says he’s really gonna be in trouble for answering more questions.

Biden reluctantly answers a few questions from reporters after reading remarks.

Sen. Hawley grills social media executives on their addictive business models.

CDC: Vaccines are extremely effective, so fully vaccinated wear a mask indoor for extra protection.

Biden administration’s first 100 days: Trump is still living rent free inside of Schumer’s head.

Psaki goes on the offensive, asking a reporter to reveal how many governors he spoke to.

Psaki on John Kerry’s contacts with Iran: We’re not going to comment on leaked tapes.

Psaki describes Biden’s State of the Union as a nonevent.

Psaki has no answer why migrant children were getting copies of VP Kamala Harris’s book.

Psaki’s guest slipped and admitted: I will take all of your questions, but Jen won’t.

Fauci flip-flops on the mask mandate but keeps the door open to flip again.

6 feet is getting longer.

Democrat Rep. Porter rips oil executive for taking pandemic relief and poisoning the planet.

AOC praises Biden’s ‘impressive’ agenda: It has ‘exceeded expectations’ of the left wing.

GM spokesperson admits 95% of ‘clean’ energy to charge electric cars comes from COAL.

Democrat Sen. Manchin: When you put so much into one bill.. it’s very difficult to understand.

Biden appears to be the only one wearing a mask in a video call with world leaders.

Biden’s first address to Congress will face sea of empty seats.

Psaki reveals important info about her niece’s TV preferences.

Biden’s weekly ‘random’ conversation with endearing follower.

Why do reporters always have to leave?

Biden: ‘You know what I mean?’

Biden: ‘I want you all to know I used to be a bus driver’.

Nigeria is on board with Biden to save the planet.

Psaki was pressed by reporters on canceling a Trump policy on the border.

More cookies: Just what the Dr. Jill Biden ordered.

AOC on the fly: ‘This is about changing how we structure our society’.

Psaki serves cookies in lieu of clear answers.

Democrat wants Greta Thunberg’s help: My 9-year-old thinks ‘Earth is on fire, we’re all gonna die’.

Stacey Abrams having a hard time describing why she’s against Georgia voting law.

Biden and Harris want to fix climate change but they can’t fix the audio.

What’s changed? The Press likes Biden to golf.

Will 100 days of mask-wearing be reconsidered?

Psaki dodges question about if taxes would be raised to pay for infrastructure.

John Kerry: We need to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.