After whispering for a while, yelling Biden is back in Connecticut.

Psaki grilled for 2 minutes on Hunter selling art for $500K: "I refer you to the gallerist."

Biden seems had no idea what the foreign leaders said as he struggled with his equipment.

Q: Why are you using Trump era regulations in immigration process if you claim it's inhumane?

Here are those 4 or 5 times with Biden taking questions last week as Psaki claimed.

Q: Isn't VP Harris supposed to be fixing the border crisis? Psaki: "Absolutely and she has been…"

"You guys didn't kill people who went after our troops, you killed 10 civilians incl 7 children…"

In the middle of new charging station show, Biden tells a story about a map from his Obama years.

Reporter to Biden's Pentagon spokesman on drone strike: "Did Gen. Milley lie?"

Biden goes after "super wealthy" as he coughs through his entire speech: "I'm a capitalist."

Psaki on cutting supply in FL: "We're not going to give a greater percentage to FL over Oklahoma."

Biden walks away as usual ignoring the press.

Did Biden forget the Australian Prime Minister's name?

Every their report is just a long thank-you to each other.

Biden Spox refuses to say if Admin ever tried to negotiate with Taliban Aug 31 withdrawal deadline.

Psaki: Biden "follows the constitution, ..not fomenting an insurrection, ..follows the rule of law."

Biden: "I have great confidence in General Milley."

Psaki defends Gen Milley’s secret talks with China and blames Trump.

Biden: "I promise you to.. put people in a place where those beautiful children in the back."

Biden in CA: "You either keep Gavin Newsom as your governor or you'll get Donald Trump."

Biden can't stop coughing while speaking about public health.

Biden in CA: Republican running for governor "is a clone of Donald Trump."

Sen. Cruz to Biden and his administration: "You own this!"

Sen. Barrasso: Biden's praising of Afghanistan withdrawal "has to be the Lie Of The 21st Century."

Democrat Rep. AOC wears a "Tax The Rich" dress at a gala where a ticket costs $30,000 to attend.

Biden claims that his first job offer came from a local lumber business.

Don't watch. It's just Democrats and RINOs climbing back to whatever they do.

Biden's Sec Blinken calls the Taliban the "Afghan Government."

Biden: "And so you know ah um."

Biden got trolled at unscheduled stop at a volunteer fire dept in Shanksville, PA.

CNN's Dr. Wen: "The right to travel in our state it's not a constitutional right."

Obama acting CIA dir. Morell: Biden's withdrawal "Absolutely inspired Jihadists all over the world."

5 years ago today.

Biden on how much he cares about Democracy, unity, against autocracy, attacks Trump and Republicans.

Never Forget.

VP Harris campaigns in California for Democrat Newsom.

The handlers keep the press far away from Biden while the residents in NJ yell "Shame on you!"

Biden walks away: "Is the sun gonna come out tomorrow?"

This is how the Biden visit to the fallen tree was set up.

Psaki dodges when asked if Biden was looking at his watch during the dignified transfer.

Predictable: Biden blames Trump for the decision that Biden made.

Psaki refuses 3 times to answer if Americans are less safe after Biden's withdrawal.

Don't watch, it's just Biden doing his job.

Biden: "I'm here, uh, uh, eh, the FEMA's director's on, uh, uh.. and I'm here with, uh.."

Biden seems to be in a very good mood.

Anything But A Success.

Biden's Pentagon spokesman walks away from a question about ISIS being released by the Taliban.

VP Harris stops for a photo op but ignores a Q about Afghanistan before departing to Hawaii.

Q: How can the press trust Biden admin if they lie about the small things?

Psaki gets annoyed with Fox News reporter for asking questions on Afghanistan.