Natural Immunity VS Pfizer Vaccine: New Data from Israel shows 13X Difference | Facts Matter

Convicted Murderer to Face Early Release With Clean Record Due to California Law

Republicans BLOCKED From Voting In Newsom Recall Told They Already Voted, Larry Elder STILL May WIN

UPDATE: Illinois Teacher Who Cussed At Student RESIGNS

Capitol Fencing to Go Back Up Ahead of Sept. 18 ‘Justice for J6’ Rally

VERITAS ATTACKED: $165K STOLEN – DoS posing as “donations” – FBI shuts down school board meeting

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States Analyzing How to ‘Attack’ Biden’s Vaccine Mandates in Court: Nebraska Governor

CCTV Shows Terrorist Firing At Srinagar Cop, He Died In Line Of Duty

The Gradual Takeover of Universities by ‘Woke’ Consensus

Medvedev Ends Djokovic’s Bid for Year Slam at US Open

Man shot, killed by officers after reaching for gun while avoiding arrest, police say

Good Samaritan's family massacred by homeless friend he took in to help get on his feet.

LA Times Manipulates Photo To Spread Fake News About Larry Elder

Californians Protest Forced Vaccinations of Police

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More Than 16,000 Early Nursing Home COVID-19 Deaths Likely Uncounted: Study

Huntington Beach Pulls Off California’s First Marathon Since Pandemic

Venice Neighborhood Councilors File Hate Crime Complaint Against Larry Elder’s Attackers

Biden Calls Xi as U.S.-China Relationship Intensifies; Comprehensive Canvass Report from Arizona

Djokovic Reaches US Open Finals, One Win From Historic Calendar Grand Slam

Blah, Blah, Blah! I Need To Talk

9/11 ‘Smell of Death’ Continues to Claim Lives

Orange County Equity Map Designed to Further ‘Social Progress’

Governors are Resisting Biden’s Vaccine Mandates, Start Legal Battle | Facts Matter

O’Neill Homers, Cardinals Win 2-1 Against Dodgers

Biden Issues Threat To Republicans Opposing Illegal Vaccine Mandate, RNC And GOP To File Lawsuits

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Biden’s New Vaccine Mandate ‘Fascist’: Rep. Donalds

Kari Lake Birthday Bash Review

‘We Can’t Afford to Do Everything’ In $3.5 Trillion Budget: Democratic Congresswoman

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19 Governors, 2 AGs Immediately Resist Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

Lawmakers Say New Docs Reveal Fauci Lied to Congress; Official Complaint with DOJ | Facts Matter

Can the US Recover from Its Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal?

Biden To Impose Federal Vaccine Mandates, New COVID Restrictions Nationwide, Democrats Widely Favor

George Soros Warns Black Rock’s Investment in China & Publishes Three Articles Against Xi Jinping

Portland Mayor Backtracks On Texas Boycott

Schumer, Pelosi Criticize Manchin for Opposition to $3.5 Trillion Budget

RETRACTION #348: Multiple time ‘Wall of Shame’ inductee Hill Reporter RETRACTS 5 MORE times!

Novavax Launches Trial for Combined Flu/COVID-19 Vaccine

Larry Elder Responds to Venice Beach Walk-Through Assault, Vows to ‘Save California’

The Bear and Tree Show | w/ Special Guest Gavin McInnes| #002

NY County Goes ‘Constitutional’ — Won't Comply With Federal, State Authorities | Facts Matter

Biden Administration Envisions Solar Power Decarbonizing the Grid

Meet and greet in Phoenix!!

Gene Test Linked to CCP Army Sold to World; Scientist: Pandemic Came Weeks Before Warning | NTD News

Taliban Paint Over George Floyd Mural in Kabul

COVID Unemployment ENDS For 7.5M People Igniting Fear Of Economic Meltdown, The Great Reset Is HERE

HIGHLIGHTS: James O'Keefe x Candace Owens Interview on The Candace Show – 09/07/2021