Biggest Media FAILS of the Year

GOP Report Says 200k MORE Votes Than Voters In PA Questioning Election, Democrats Say FAKE NEWS

#CNNRAW 10-22-20

WOKE SJW Tards Indoctrinating Kids (Woke SJW FAILS 2020)

Democrats Are Set TO LOSE Georgia Runoff Despite Trump Supporter Anger At Republican Elites


#CNNRAW 10-23-20

The Best of Brian Stelter – Mark Dice Impressions

SJW #MeToo Hypocrisy EXPOSED By Wonder Woman 1984 (SPOILERS)

COVID Panic And Leftist Defectors Could Mean THE END For Pelosi, GOP Could WIN House Speakership

Masks, Lockdowns, and the Coronavirus. Globalists, The Global Reset, and the Sovereignty of America.

Koalas Are Being Oppressed? WTF? SJW Woke STUPIDITY 2020!!! I

The Coming Social Media Purge

#CNNRAW 10-21-20

Office Drill SGT


WOKE SJW FAILS And STUPIDITY 2020 (Christmas Day Edition)

SJW Amber Heard Gets ROASTED HARD!!! (WOKE SJW FAILS 2020)

#CNNRAW 10-20-20

Democrat Loser DEMANDS Election Be Overturned Exposing Hypocrisy, It’s Wrong For Trump but NOT Dems

Americans RIPPED-OFF By Politicians (SJW WOKE FAILS 2020)

Christmas Craziness 2020 🎄

What’s in the COVID RELIEF Bill? The coronavirus pork bill? a $600 stimulus payment for Americans

#CNNRAW 10-19-20

NEW Military Christmas Carols – Parodies of Classical Carols by DBP

Pence Meeting With GOP Objectors Signals Electoral Vote REVOLT January 6th, Trump Says Its NOT OVER

IS THE MEDIA FAIR? Media Bias and Trump. Is it fair for President Trump to call CNN & NYT Fake News?

This is GARBAGE!

Daily Wire Backstage: The 2020 Season Finale

Right Wing Protesters STORM Oregon Capitol Building Calling For Democrat Governor’s Arrest

James O’Keefe FULL SPEECH From Turning Point USA #SAS2020


It’s a Sign 🌤

California Governor Faces REMOVAL From Office As People FLEE Proving Democrats Policies FAILED

Recruiters are using Tinder and other Dating Apps to Gain Enlistments

“Wokeness” is Coming for Your Food 🌮

Trump Calls On Supporters For “Wild” Protest Of Electoral Count In DC, Democrats Fear War Is Coming

Woke SJW SLAMS A Blind PERSON Because She’s White (WOKE SJW FAILS 2020)

#CNNRAW 10-16-20

Things Aren’t Going So Well For Them These Days 😂