City Declares Donald J. Trump Week; Firearm Sales Break Record; Space Force Explained | Facts Matter

According to new data just released by the FBI, it shows that gun sales have hit a new all time high in January. Basically, Americans are buying up guns at a “blistering pace.”

Over in California, a human trafficking sting operation led to the arrest of 64 people, as well the freeing of at least 2 women who were being trafficked.

Over at the Senate, as Trump’s impeachment trial is about to get underway, a new poll found that this effort is backfiring, and will likely embolden his voter base.

Over at the White House, the press secretary appeared to make fun of the Space Force (which is a new, legitimate branch of the US military). Which makes this a great time to ask the question: what exactly is it’s purpose?


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Watch: Jen Psaki Snubs Space Force; Why Space Force is ESSENTIAL to US Security | Facts Matter
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41 thoughts on “City Declares Donald J. Trump Week; Firearm Sales Break Record; Space Force Explained | Facts Matter

  1. That's really funny watching that space cadet seemingly mock space force. We would probably make fun of her but she does so well on her own we don't think we should interrupt.

  2. Can you imagine if youtube or google was discriminated against like youtube discriminated against channels like the Epoch Times? They succeeded because of the freedom America gave them, now denying others. Google and youtube are losing users daily.

  3. The real job for the space force is probably gonna be in the next few years is combating cyber warfare and coming up with solutions to remove all the space garbage up in outer space near the international space station and removing all dead satellites that are really outdated that were put up back in the 70s and 60s that’s the job of the space force and it’s basically going to be another arm of the Air Force and NASA

  4. Roman, I went to my local shop last month here in western Montana to buy a gun. They still had some in stock, however there was ZERO ammo. Being a small shop they are at the bottom of the suppliers list. Won't be getting any ammo any time soon.

  5. If you want to know about the Illuminati go see
    Jessie Zcebotar and hear her story about being raised in an Illuminati family. It is an eye opener. How they are all in satanic ritual abuse. It is really gross. I don't know how people live like that.

  6. No one should be allowed to do mining on the moon (ESPECIALLY INCOMPETENT CHINA) I believe it dangerous to mess around with such an important part of our environment.

  7. The worst kind of person to have in that position, crass thumb nose snooty sarcastic angry ginger. Joe is dead on his feet, he's taking orders from Obamas team. You can tell the playbook a mile away. It's the old agenda that caused Trump to step in.

  8. I love how all the enemies we are facing right now (China and Iraq) are all products of USA help… We helped Chinese get on their feet thinking we’d get cheap labor and now, its backfiring…

  9. whoever is running the subtitles should be fired, it is incomprehensible
    rubbish, canmot imagine that you are actually saying what the subs are
    relating. Makes your presentation unwatchable and utter nonsense.
    OK,so I am an oldie with damaged hearing from WW2 in london, but getting
    honest news is still important

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