Davos vs. The Rest Of Us

The World Economic Forum lays out its plans for top-down control; Joe Biden refuses compromise on illegal immigration, even to save Ukraine aid; and the Supreme Court examines making a powerful move against the administrative state.


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00:00 – Davos vs. The Rest Of Us

4:52 – WEF Ritual Coughing

6:04 – WHO Director General: We Must Prepare For ‘Disease X’

8:37 – China Mapped Covid Two Weeks Before It Told The World

9:50 – Kerry Compares Climate Change To Fighting Hitler

11:26 – Javier Milei: Long Live Freedom, Dammit!

14:14 – No Compromise Coming On Immigration

15:52 – What’s Being Proposed?

18:45 – Kamala Harris: Republicans Don’t Want To Fix Immigration!

20:49 – Democrats Blame Republicans

21:48 – Rep. Frost: Republicans Might As Well Remove The Statue Of Liberty

22:58 – AOC: We Need Open Borders

24:53 – Manchin: Of Course Border Is Worse Under Biden

26:11 – New Poll

26:44 – Harris: ‘I’m Scared As Heck’, I’m Running Against The Crazies

27:38 – Jamie Dimon: Demonization of MAGA Republicans Will Hurt Biden

28:47 – Polling On Trump Criminal Indictment

30:08 – The Prosecution of Trump33

33:32 – Record Amount of Commercial Real Estate Debt Coming Due

34:49 – Blinken: We’re Not Close To A Ceasefire In Ukraine

36:46 – Kirby: It Wasn’t Wrong To Remove Houthis From Terror List

37:25 – Iran FM: We’ll Retaliate If U.S. Is Unfriendly

39:08 – Hamas Sawing At Israeli Necks

41:39 – Supreme Court To Rule On Chevron Deference

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