DEFUND THE CAPITOL POLICE DEPARTMENT NOW – The defund police movement should look at Capitol Police

Lumberjack logic – Episode 46 – We need to take a serious look at defunding the Capitol police. While Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Illhan Omar, and other liberals talk about defunding the police you have to ask which departments. While everyday Americans are seeing major increases in crime rates as a result of these policies lawmakers increase the Capitol Police budget by millions of dollars. In addition to the Capitol Police Department there are also numerous DC Metropolitan Police officers, Secret Service Agents, and other alphabet agencies in DC. Mayor Muriel Bowser selected Robert J. Contee III, to serve as Chief of the DC Metropolitan Police Department. He was sworn in on January 2, 2021. Sergeant at Arms of the United States House of Representatives Paul Irving Resigns after Capitol Protests. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund also resigns acing with Michael C. Stenger, Sergeant at Arms of the US Senate. All of this fallout has happened after the Capitol Hill riots during the January 6th March for Trump event.

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