DNN Reporting Strange Events at Capitol Building Protests

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Angry Cops from the Donut News Network was the man on the ground during the protests held in support of Donald Trump. The Capitol Hill Protests went awry when members of the house, senate, and governors offices were spotted acting in strange ways. Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez along with Governor Gavin Newsom were spotted in the fray. Republican politicians were also seen, such as Representative Dan Crenshaw and Senator Ted Cruz. Even Jim acosta and Wolf Blitzer joined in the commotion.

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45 thoughts on “DNN Reporting Strange Events at Capitol Building Protests

  1. Yes, all the cocaine. Lol. How else would they get them to sell their souls so easily and run the country how they do. It's cheap and persuasive. It's the addiction that makes them get paid so much and stay in offices for way too many years. Lol

  2. Anyone in that basement is way too old for Biden to bother sniffing. Unless, there is a young girl in a glass case for him to break open in case of a smelling emergency, much like a fire extinguisher

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