Do Single Mothers Deserve High Value Men? ©

I’m a single mother and I still deserve a high value man. This is a sentiment that many women with children, some with multiple children, share regardless to what some think.
In this broadcast we will examine “why do so many women with children from other men believe they should have a high value man?”

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Intro: 0:00

Show Starts 🎥: 16:17

Fragrance and Candle of the Evening: 21:36

The Godfather introduces us to His new Virtual Assistant(s) Qbert and Janice: 23:23 🤣
new to the channel? it’s an inside joke

The Godfather continues his Monologue: 27:00

Kiss the Ring 🎶: 57:20

First Caller: 1:02:41 21y/o married woman with 2 kids says it’s becoming hard to keep faith in her marriage? Asks The Godfather for advice and speaks on sold out Cheerios 🤣

The Godfather addresses the “Law Suits”: 1:05:06

Second Caller: 1:05:50 30y/o Single Mom of 2 says it’s ok for Single Moms to want HVM? Wants a HVM now but her previous husband wasn’t High Value?
Wants her kids in Private school on a HVM’s money? The Godfather tries to give perspective!

Third Caller: 1:17:19 43y/o single mom of 3 kids with 6 figures asks if she would be entitled to a HVM?!
The Godfather responds.

Fourth Caller: 1:32:28 39y/o single mom of 1 says The Godfather is describing men who want trophy wives!
Says Men who make a lot of money are unhappy?! The Godfather responds.

Fifth Caller: 1:40:10 says women with children DESERVE someone who is high value because in some cases these women were divorced?!
The Godfather investigates🧐 and gives perspective.

Sixth Caller: 1:45:00 46 y/o single mom asks about High Earning/Value Men who DONT want to have children and already have had their children.
The Godfather gives a lesson on Economics, Spoilt milk, Stretch Marks, Cellulite and Moles!

Seventh Caller: 2:05:15 36y/o single woman with 2 children says her value is increasing as she gets older?! says The Godfather is putting a price tag on women! Betsy Button’s sister?! 🤣

Eight Caller: 2:13:25 quick call, no disagreements.

Ninth Caller: 2:13:45 22y/o woman says High Value Single Mothers Deserve HVM?
The Godfather Baby Sitting?! 👶🏾🍼🤣

2:19:13 The Godfather addresses many women’s “emotional logic”

2:21:56 The Godfather shows receipts and shots fired!

Tenth Caller: 2:25:05 18y/o calls in.

Eleventh Caller: 2:26:00 25 y/o woman asks for clarification? And talks about women who have lost a child?
The Godfather clarifies the difference between single mother and baby momas.

End of the Show and video premiere : 2:28:30