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Good Men

Intro: 0:00

Show Starts 🎥: 15:03

Fragrance and Candle of the Evening: 19:20

The Godfather’s monologue: 19:43

Money World Girl Auditions: 48:02

Money World 💃🏾💰🌎: 48:23

First Caller: 52:47 male caller.

Second Caller: 54:40 33y/o lawyer says The Godfather “implied” high education is frowned upon.
A heavy example of The NEED to be Right.

Third Caller: 1:02:34 32y/o woman says she disagrees with women gaining value with age because of Bernice Burgos?

Fourth Caller: 1:06:44 20y/o too young for the conversation.

Fifth Caller: 1:07:12 caller doesn’t have a question?

Sixth Caller: 1:07:52 24y/o woman says she doesn’t know what she’s single wants to be married but nervous?

Seventh Caller: 1:13:42 35y/o woman says “Yes and No” to women increasing in value with age because now she knows what men want?

Eight Caller: 1:17:00 32y/o divorced woman asks what older women are doing right when they get actually get married?
Says she wants to get married again but afraid to have children?

Ninth Caller: 1:22:05 31y/o woman struggles to find a disagreement.

Tenth Caller: 1:22:51 32y/o baby momma woman asks The Godfather for solutions, says she had a son with a man who was immature?! wants FOUR more children?!
Says she has marriage prospects who want to take care of her and her kid but she won’t settle?! The Godfather translates the “Womanesse” language. Contender for call of the night?!

Eleventh Caller: 1:44:54 31y/o woman says younger women don’t look for older men to marry? Says older men get jaded when they date her?!

Twelfth Caller: 1:50:46 24y/o woman The Godfather hangs up 💀.

Thirteenth Caller: 1:55:46 29y/o with a PhD 👩🏾‍🎓 says she has statistics against young marriages?! But calls on GOD when it comes to her situation?!
The Godfather addresses the bohemian professions men should avoid.

Fourteenth Caller: 2:00:58 41y/o woman says women gain value as they get older because of…wisdom?! The Godfather Taps her out! 🎺🤣

The Godfather touches on a theory of BW getting off on arguing?

Fifteenth Caller: 2:10:19 35y/o woman says women’s value doesn’t increase as they get older.

Sixteenth Caller: 2:11:33 28y/o woman says it depends, but agrees with The Godfather.

The Godfather speaks on dying alone. 2:13:40

Seventeenth Caller: 2:18:36 Winter says women’s value doesn’t go up with age but their assets can!
Says she’s a Stripper?! 😳 The Godfather…goes full Patrice O’Neal! 💀🤣 dance auditions?! 🤣 Titty Meat?!🤣

Eighteenth Caller: 2:20:54: 35 y/o woman says some women gain value with age if they are attractive?! 🧐

2:23:14 The Godfather continues to talk about Winter?! 😭🤣 Camel Toe on Flick?! 💀🤣

End of the show/The Godfather summarizes the show and makes some announcements: 2:23:58

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