DRUNK Driving Dem Crashes Car into Ditch – Here’s the UNBELIEVABLE Police Dashcam Video

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Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, Dashcam video of a drunk Democrat Michigan lawmaker resisting arrest after crashing his SUV into a ditch was released this weekend.
26-year-old Michigan state rep. Jewell Jones was seen driving erratically on I-96 before he got into an accident in Livingston County on April 6th.

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Dashcam Video Shows Drunk Democrat Michigan Lawmaker Resisting Arrest After Crashing His SUV Into a Ditch (VIDEO)

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47 thoughts on “DRUNK Driving Dem Crashes Car into Ditch – Here’s the UNBELIEVABLE Police Dashcam Video

  1. Anyone who commits attempted murder by driving drunk and acts like a complete jerk by resisting arrest and trying to impose his position has absolutely no business holding public office. Remove him now.

  2. Michigan state police are the best thank you troopers. And he says I'm calling my socialist democratic party governor you racist brother o never mind he is talking about the racist white trooper

  3. These officers will probably now face unfair 'disciplinary action', like DC Metro Officer Corbin Seward, whose arrest powers were suspended for answering a reporter's question. REPORTER: "You gonna shoot me, like Makhia Bryant?" OFFICER SEWARD: "Why, you going to stab someone, like MaKhia Bryant?"

  4. What is wrong with this ASS-HOLE. What is wrong with all these individuals? They act like they have a say in what happens when they are stopped. If they would behave like any law abiding citizen, they would not have a problem unless they were drunk, have warrants, or high as hell on something. In that case they would be detained and more than likely arrested. They know this. That's why they fight back. In that case they get what they get. Too damn bad for them.

  5. That was only a small clip of what really happened. Numerous officers had to come to get him arrested and cuffed. No police officer should ever have to wrestle a criminal over and over again. Then watch the video of him in the police car. He should never hold office again!!~

  6. Resist? WTF is wrong with these folks, Oh I got it then complain that you were brutalized and profiled by the police. Laws don’t apply to our people. Yea whatever… Just be polite, comply, ADMIT to your wrong doing and be responsible for your actions. SMH people.. Dumb A$$ like this give the rest of us a bad rap…

  7. "Come on puny white people! This man was racially profiled and almost killed by that white police officer who is obviously a complete racist! That black officer in the video was obviously under racial distress, being kept down by 'the man' so I will not dox him. But this young black citizen, who did absolutely nothing wrong, is the true victim and you should all be ashamed of yourselves and hope that YouTube does not censor this video or your despicable comments! Signed… //LeChina James// written by LeChina's handler because LeChina really can't spell all that good.

  8. More proof that the anti-America Socialist Far Left Lawmakers are committing crimes they believed they could get away with by abusing their position within the Government, and these anti-America Socialist Far Left Lawmakers are needed to be removed from the Government and put into prison for all their crimes they have been committing behind our backs for years, for betraying America for more money and power, and for playing deadly political games with innocent people's lives.

  9. And still people vote for the socialist democrats and wonder why their cities and states are run into the ground it’s because you keep voting blue wake up.

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